Latto shares her take on Kodak Black’s ‘Super Gremlin’

Written by on 29/12/2021


Latto has released a take on Kodak Black’s ‘Super Gremlin’, calling her version ‘Super Gremlin Freestyle’ – scroll down the page to watch a video for it now.

Black’s original ‘Super Gremlin’ was released earlier this year as part of Sniper Gang’s album ‘Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob & Snapkatt: Nightmare Babies’.

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“Never too famous to hop on these beats and remind ‘em Big Latto as big as it gets,” the Atlanta rapper opens the new track. Later, she adds: “I let bitches think the beef died down til I catch ‘em off guard, make my rounds.”

The video sees Latto in the studio, throwing money in a strip club and holding a goat on a leash while wearing a diamond-encrusted bikini. Watch it below now.

The latter outfit sparked accusations from Cleveland rapper Big Indo recently that Latto had stolen her aesthetic, while a clip of ‘Super Gremlin Freestyle’ also provoked Indo.

“NOT THE BEAT TOO just higher tempo I’m sick cause I looked up to LATTO it look like she been lookin up to me tho or her team stealin sauce,” Big Indo wrote on Instagram, sharing a preview clip of the video from Latto’s TikTok. “I obviously got million dollar ideas.”

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Latto responded on her Instagram Story, writing: “It’s givin… nobody.” In another story, she added: “Y’all really think I’m 1 of the 14 ppl that listened to her before??? Lmao I cannot make thi shit up. I’m over here frustrated af cause IVE NEVER HEARD OF OR SEEN SHAWTY EVER IN MY LIFE!!!! DON’T FLATTER YOURSELF!”

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Indo later said she wasn’t trying to start a beef with Latto, saying: “I said I like HER. It’s the simple fact my song was stolen if not her, her team or someone put it in her face don’t drag what I said. I want to see all my female rappers win just with they own music.”

In July, Latto told NME she was moving in “my own lane”. “I literally made history with my song ‘Bitch From The South’ as the first solo female rapper from Atlanta to go gold,” she explained.

“Then I was the first solo female rapper from Atlanta to go platinum. There’s a lot of artists from Atlanta but there hasn’t really been a female face for Atlanta, so I feel like I’m that Southern laid-back aesthetic: unapologetic, raw, uncut pussy power – that’s me.”

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