Day: 10/12/2021

Between music and visual arts, the Berlin artist announces an album in collaboration with the Ugandan Don Zilla, the Jamaican Gavsborg or the Tunisian Deena Abdelwahed.  Morphine Records shares today Deena Abdelwahed and Mazen Kerbaj’s […] L’article Mazen Kerbaj invites Deena Abdelwahed on “Blue Malediction” est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Home Run – EP Eugy Following the release of his massive hit “My Touch”, Ghanaian-British artist Eugy wants to shine a light on his home country… and score. A true homecoming experience, his new EP […] L’article 9 albums to discover this week est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Twenty artists are coming together for the Malaysian online mental health music festival, called Expresi, taking place this weekend (December 11-12). Expresi – which translates to ‘expression’ – features a 20-act bill that includes hardcore act Patriots, singer-songwriter Reza Salleh, punk band Hacktick!, pop-punk band An Honest Mistake, pop singer Imran Ajmain and more. Expresi […]

Red Velvet singer Joy has revealed she experienced feelings of self-doubt while working on her upcoming drama, The One And Only.  READ MORE: ONF – ‘Goosebumps’ review: saying goodbye (for now) with a bang The singer-actress had recently spoke to South Korean media outlet Xports News about her initial reaction when she was first cast as part of […]

Production on the upcoming TV adaptation of the 2001 film Bungee Jumping Of Their Own has reportedly been suspended. READ MORE: ‘Snowdrop’ starring Jisoo of BLACKPINK: release date, plot details, cast and everything we know so far The forthcoming show was originally set to star NCT member Jaehyun as the character Im Hyun-bin. As previously […]

The young Parisian artist and entrepreneur has announced the release of her second EP, a dive into her rebellious and colourful universe.  Born in a Spanish and Afro-American artistic family of a jazz saxophonist-father and […] L’article Crystal Murray unveils her Twisted Bases est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

A professor of Korean language and literature has said that it is too early to judge the historical accuracy of the upcoming K-drama series Snowdrop. READ MORE: ‘Snowdrop’ starring Jisoo of BLACKPINK: release date, plot details, cast and everything we know so far In a new interview with The Korean Times, professor Yun Suk-jin, who […]

BTS‘ #StopAsianHate tweet from earlier this year has topped Twitter’s list of the most shared post on the platform in 2021. READ MORE: BTS live in LA: a euphoric return to live performance for the K-pop juggernauts Twitter announced on Thursday (December 9) that BTS’ March 2021 tweet had become the social media site’s most […]

One of Kurt Cobain’s childhood homes is up for sale. READ MORE: Kurt Cobain’s Fecal Matter – The Full Story Of His Band Before Nirvana The Nirvana frontman lived at the house in Montesano, Washington, with his father following his parent’s divorce. Cobain was 11 years old when he arrived at the house in 1978 and […]

Ask a non-New Zealander about their favourite Aotearoan artist and they’ll probably cite either Lorde or some Australian band. (They’re in his DMs, we’re 2583.3 miles away, we are not the same). But there’s a wealth of musical talent simmering on our shores that deserves a look in. Admittedly it can be hard for local […]

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