Day: 14/12/2021

In celebration of Salif Keita’s seminal album, Soro, via a conversation with it’s producer François Bréant. L’article The story of Salif Keita’s Soro est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Ela está chegando! Prestes a lançar o registro audiovisual que comemora os cinco anos de carreira, Pabllo Vittar divulga a capa de “I AM PABLLO”, projeto que chega ao canal do Youtube da queen e ganhará uma transmissão ao vivo pelo canal TNT, às 21:30. Confira a capa↓ I AM PABLLO | AMANHÃ | 14.12 – 21h30 no […]

Da união de Djonga, Marcelo Tofani, Laura Sette, Bertiolli, X Sem Peita, Dougnow e Zinga, integrantes do selo A Quadrilha, nasceu a mixtape “AQuadrilha”. O projeto chegou às plataformas digitais juntamente com três registros audiovisuais dirigidos por Djonga e Túlio Cipó. Segundo o Papel Pop, a criação foi resultado do primeiro encontro artístico após o início do […]

It must be tough to be a local hero. Balancing the demands of fame, validation, community and internal drive. That unlikely combination of high-flown ambition and ground level humility. No rapper embodies this kind of local heroism like Wiki (born Patrick Morales), New York City’s native son, whose lauded lyrical diffractions have earned him international […]

An electric journey between Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.  The group Ticora drops today their first official track, “Soledad”. At the crossroads of afrobeat, highlife and jazz, the track set the tone for […] L’article Ticora unveils its afrobeat and maloya cocktail on “Soledad” est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African […]

The Belgian-Burkinabe trio has just released “Le repas du cobra”, their first track, via the notorious Glitterbeat Records.  Avalanche Kaito is the meeting between Kaito Winse, a Burkinabe urban griot, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, and a […] L’article Avalanche Kaito, punk griots from Burkina Faso est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Ahn Bo-Hyun will reportedly replace Kim Seon-ho in the upcoming Korean film, 2 O’Clock Date. READ MORE: ‘Hellbound’ review: demons rise as religious hysteria descends in this chilling South Korean series According to a report by Sports Donga, the Yumi’s Cells actor has allegedly been brought on the upcoming film, after Kim was removed from the […]

NCT have unveiled the music video for their latest single, ‘Beautiful’. READ MORE: NCT 127 – ‘Favorite’ review: a sweet spot amidst controlled chaos The music video follows members of the boyband going through a day in their life, before gathering at the end to perform the track while it snows. “When everything in the […]

A Sony Interactive Entertainment patent application is suggesting a system where “disruptive behaviour” in multiplayer games can be identified and attributed to a player or play space. READ MORE: How Arkane designed a map worth revisiting in ‘Deathloop’ Published on the World Intellectual Property Organisation website, the patent application titled “methods and systems for processing […]

[Africa Check] An image of Nigerian musician Chinedu Okoli, popularly known as Flavour, was posted on Facebook on 11 December 2021 with the claim that he supports the movement for the restoration of the Republic of Biafra in southeast Nigeria.

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