Day: 08/12/2021

The Anti-Mass collective has just released DOXA, a first EP embodying electronic queer resistance in Uganda. We spoke to Nsasi, one of the masterminds behind the team. L’article Nsasi, indomitable and misunderstood est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Eddie Hatitye</span>On 14 November, Hunters, in association with Music in Africa, hosted a #MusicNeedsYou concert in Johannesburg. The concert was aimed at helping South African artists kick-start their live music events and promote the Covid-19 vaccination. Read more… | Send to a friend

The young prodigy’s upcoming project, released via Awesome Tapes From Africa, will aim big while staying true to amapiano’s DIY essence.   Teno Afrika’s 2020 debut Amapiano Selections drew an international wave of support sparked by […] L’article Teno Afrika announces new EP Where You Are est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Labels Séance Centre and Time Capsule explore the innovative and radical soul of Guadeloupe through ten contemporary and past gwoka songs, composed by a multitude of artists.  In the words of Guadeloupean composer and author […] L’article Lèspri Ka, 30 years of gwoka music in one compilation est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan […]

Entertainment is defined as “the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment”, and that is exactly what Three Tons of Fun do in their 75-minute show. The trio of fantastic singers have also released their latest single, Mmmmh. Read more… | Send to a friend

The Durban producer is set to explore new horizons with the EP UMTHAKATHI, set to release at the start of 2022 on Gqom Oh! Combining the two Zulu words “thaka” (mix) and “muthi” (medicine), Dominowe’s […] L’article Dominowe to release a gqom EP inspired by traditional medicine and rave parties est apparu en premier sur […]

Netflix has released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming anime film, Bubble. READ MORE: Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc review: a serialised, fan-pandering retool of the anime blockbuster Bubble follows the story of Hibiki, one of many orphaned teenagers in Tokyo after a gravity-defying shower of bubbles rained down, killing their parents. Hibiki and […]

[New Zimbabwe] Late Afro Jazz musician, Prince Musarurwa’s team will be dropping a posthumous album titled Nyamatsatse in celebration of his birthday.

Indonesian metal trio Voice of Baceprot have called out interviewers’ preoccupation with their hijabs, or religious headscarves, while on tour in Europe. READ MORE: Voice of Baceprot: Indonesian metal trio forge ahead to Wacken Open Air in defiance of sexist mudslinging The West Java band shared a video on TikTok on Monday (December 6) of comments […]

South Korean entertainment agency Grandline Group has announced that Sitala will remain part of upcoming girl group H1-KEY, in spite of the ongoing controversy. READ MORE: EVERGLOW – ‘Return Of The Girl’ review: K-pop’s femme-fatales return to their strengths Last week, Sitala, a Thai member of the forthcoming K-pop act, had caused a stir online […]

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