[Vanguard] “Thank you so much for this, thank you so much. It’s an honour… I mean, this is my first award show that I’m winning something and I just want to use this as an opportunity to speak to every single young, old, whatever, every single woman watching this, every single girl watching this at […]

Gentle Bones’ and Lullaboy’s collaborative project Bones & The Boy have released their debut self-titled EP. READ MORE: Gentle Bones: “The amount of reading I’ve been doing just to write positive songs well is not funny” Released on streaming platforms on Friday (June 24), the three-track EP sees the two Singaporean singer-songwriters team up on original […]

Singaporean singer-songwriter Sezairi has announced the release date and tracklist for his upcoming album, ‘Violets Aren’t Blue’. READ MORE: Gentle Bones: “The amount of reading I’ve been doing just to write positive songs well is not funny” Taking to social media on Friday (June 24), the pop artist revealed the album’s cover art, as well […]

Warren Hue has announced a tour of North America this October. READ MORE: Warren Hue: Indonesian rapper gunning for the title of ‘Boy Of The Year’ The Indonesian rapper took to social media to announce the dates for the ‘Boy Of The Year’ tour, which also happens to be his “first tour ever”. The tour will […]

The last couple of years have seen a huge rise in browser-based puzzle games, tasking players with working out a certain kind of answer using limited guesses. Framed is one of the newest, following in the footsteps of Wordle, but offering a slightly different twist. You’ll still need to work out the answer using limited […]

Globle is yet another variant on everyone’s favourite word game. The similarities are brief, with Globle offering a geography-based puzzle, with a new solution to take on each day. Those who wish to play need only start by guessing any country. The game will then tell you how close you’ve gotten, allowing you to narrow […]

Com o sucesso do hit “Acorda, Pedrinho”, a Banda Jovem Dionisio foi confirmada, na tarde desta segunda-feira, 27, para tocar no Rock in Rio 2022. No Instagram, o perfil oficial do festival disse que o grupo será uma das principais atrações do palco Supernova em 10 de setembro. “Depois de arrasar no Rock in Rio […]

Após prometer que tinha uma surpresa para os fãs neste domingo (26) durante a realização do BET Awards, Cardi B foi lá e cumpriu: sem dar muitos detalhes, a artista confirmou que um novo single chega às plataformas de streaming no próximo dia 1° de julho. O título? “Holy Shit”. O material deve fazer parte de um novo […]

Nesta segunda-feira (27) J-Hope, membro do BTS, revelou a capa de seu novo álbum e primeiro trabalho solo “Jack in the box”. Também foi anunciado o single “More”, com previsão de lançamento para 1º de julho. O cantor é o primeiro a começar a carreira solo após o hiato do grupo sul-coreano. [공지] j-hope 솔로 앨범 […]

Nigerian musical legend in the making Tems is one hell of a force. The singer has had a fleet of accomplishments in recent months, showing off her star power and the waves her music has made on global music charts. On Sunday, Tems became the first female Nigerian artist to accept the Best International Act […]

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