Day: 15/12/2021

Across South Africa and further into the continent, amapiano dominated the soundtrack of this year. According to Spotify’s end of year chart, musicians from this genre snatched up the first five spots on the list of most streamed local artists in South Africa. OG DJ Maphorisa led the pack, followed by fellow Scorpion King Kabza […]

A cantora Luiza se manifestou nas redes sociais após o cantor Maurílio, com quem faz dupla, ser internado em Goiânia. “Por favor, orem. Só isso que eu peço com toda humildade do mundo. Cinco minutos, e dediquem uma oração ao Maurílio, por favor”, escreveu a namorada da ex-BBB Marcela McGowan no Instagram. Vários famosos deixaram […]

O cantor sertanejo Maurílio, que faz dupla com Luiza, está internado em Goiânia. Segundo a colunista Fábia Oliveira, do Em Off, o artista, de 28 anos, sentiu-se mal após chegar de viagem na última terça-feira, 14, e teve paradas cardíacas. A assessoria de imprensa de Maurílio confirmou à Jovem Pan que ele está internado, mas […]

Dead By Midnight is an English electronic rock band comprised of comic book super agents Byron and G. With the help of their techno-geek manager Alan, they travel through time solving crimes by day and rocking the world by night. DBM plays electronic rock with a twist. Massive stadium soundscapes that transcend limiting genres with […]

This story originally appeared in i-D’s Out Of The Blue issue, no. 366, Winter 2021. With thanks to Tiffany & Co. Order your copy here. Young Thug is a revolutionary. Over the past ten years, Atlanta-born Jeffery Lamar Williams’ progressive approach to rhyming and fashion has completely transformed the notion of the modern-day rap star, leaving fans and critics enthralled […]

The annual event is known for quality shows held in places like swimming pools, hospitals or airports. It returns for three weeks with Little Simz, Le Juiice, Makala and others in January 2022.  Antigel Festival’s […] L’article Geneva’s Antigel festival is back on track est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

The label Mr Bongo has reissued a rare gem by the South African saxophonist Winston Monwabisi Ngozi aka Mankunku; a masterpiece of South African jazz recorded during Apartheid. L’article Mankunku : “The Bellowing Bull” bellows again est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Never far away from Onipa and his other collective projects, vocalist Kweku Of Ghana announces his solo journey with a new album and “Shidaa”, an energised soukouss infused song. K.O.G. aka Kweku Of Ghana has […] L’article K.O.G. goes solo est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

A new trailer for upcoming South Korean crime action movie Special Delivery starring actress Park So-dam has been released. READ MORE: Woosung – ‘GENRE’ review: a beautiful, laid-back ode to messy young love In the upcoming action movie, Parasite actress Park So-dam stars as Eun-ha, a special delivery driver who delivers anything to anyone for […]

[Nile Post] One of the most influential genres of African music and dance, Congolese rumba, now has Unesco-protected status.

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