GHOST9: “It’s a process of self-discovery to express who we are as a team”

Written by on 29/12/2021

ghost9 interview NOW: Who We Are Facing

Rising rookie K-pop boy band GHOST9 may only be a little over a year old, having made their debut in September 2020, but the septet are not wasting a second of their time. In this short timespan, the group have already released five mini-albums, the latest being ‘NOW: Who We Are Facing’, the conclusion of their 2021 ‘NOW’ series.

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However, the mini-album’s release was not all smooth-sailing for the boyband, losing two members – Hwang Dong-jun and Lee Tae-seung – between ‘NOW: Who We Are Facing’ in November and its prequel ‘NOW: When We Are In Love’ in June. But despite this setback, GHOST9 are taking their time in the spotlight in stride, and showing their more “unified” teamwork.

Before 2021 wraps up, NME caught up with GHOST9 to talk about ‘NOW: Who We Are Facing’, their career thus far and their goals for 2022.

ghost9 interview NOW: Who We Are Facing
GHOST9. Credit: Maroo Entertainment

Hello GHOST9, and congratulations on making your comeback with ‘NOW: Who We Are Facing’! Could you tell us more about your new mini-album?

Son Jun-hyung: “The ‘NOW’ series meant a lot to us. The [trilogy as a whole] represents space, time and identity; it’s a process of self-discovery to express who we are as a team. It’s an important album for that reason.”

How is this record different from your previous releases in the ‘NOW’ series?

Son Jun-hyung: “It shows fans a different type of sexiness, and title track ‘Control’ especially was a new style of music that I haven’t tried before.”

Choi Jun-seong: “‘Control’ was a track that was so us, but different from what we’ve done before, so it was exciting to experiment with.”

What are your favourite things about the mini-album?

Son Jun-hyung: “The outfits, music video and music were all so good. We’ve also been doing more in-person events – it’s great to meet fans face-to-face.”

Shin: “The best thing was that we had a showcase where we could show our fans around the world our performance stage for the first time.”

Choi Jun-seong: “I tried my best to integrate more of our style, and even monitored the song to figure out how to better express the highlights.”

Lee Woo-jin: “I think the music video came out especially well. My mirror scene was the best.”

What was the most interesting part about filming the music video for ‘Control’?

Son Jun-hyung: “We drew some inspiration from European folklore, and added an Erlking-like figure who appeared and led the remaining members to the threshold of death. I really loved how intricate the plot was.”

‘NOW: Who We Are Facing’ is also your first mini-album without Hwang Dong-jun and Lee Tae-seung. How does it feel to make a comeback without them?

Son Jun-hyung: “Our members worked hard to stand together after going through a lineup change, and I think we were able to show more unified teamwork. As our members went through the changes, we were able to talk with each other and have more understanding for each other.”

It’s a little over a year since you guys made your debut with ‘Pre Episode 1: Door’. How would you describe the group compared to the rest of your peers in the industry?

Lee Kang-sung: “A growing group that tries various concepts and works hard at everything.”

Prince: “I’d like to say we have grown a lot throughout the short period after our debut. Our group’s unique style has been clearer and more varied at the same time.”

What have you learned so far in your career as idols?

Son Jun-hyung: “I learned about patience, being considerate and myself.”

Shin: “I think I’m learning about life.”

Choi Jun-seong: “Learning how to mature as I’m growing up and becoming a part of society.

ghost9 interview NOW: Who We Are Facing
GHOST9. Credit: Maroo Entertainment

With the year coming to a close, what are your wishes and goals for 2022?

Son Jun-hyung: “I hope I can work hard without getting sick, and meet fans in person.”

Shin: “Let’s stay healthy and happy in 2022! At the end of 2022, I would love to attend an award ceremony. We are working hard at being able to do that.”

Lee Kang-sung: “I want to greet the new 2022 brightly.”

Choi Jun-seong: “I wish I could be smarter!”

Prince: “I want to play in the snow.”

Lee Woo-jin: “I want to win first place on a music show.”

Lee Jin-woo: “Stay healthy and happy.”

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Son Jun-hyung: “Thank you for always giving me strength and supporting me all this time. I love you.”

Shin: “Thank you for always supporting us. I love you, Ghostie!”

Lee Kang-sung: “Thank you for always supporting us. We’ll work harder in the future. I love you!”

Choi Jun-seong: “I will always be the Junseong who is constantly improving. Thank you.”

Prince: “Thank you for everything and I hope to see you soon.”

Lee Woo-jin: “Thank you for always liking GHOST9. We’ll show you an improved version of ourselves in every album.”

Lee Jin-woo: “I’d like to say thank you for your support. Thank you!”

GHOST9’s new mini-album ‘NOW: Who We Are Facing’ is out now.

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