Kim Dong-hee’s lawyer claims there’s “no clear evidence” the actor was a school bully

Written by on 28/12/2021

kim dong hee

Kim Dong-hee’s lawyer has released a statement addressing allegations that the actor was a bully during his time in school.

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Earlier this year, an anonymous netizen accused the Extracurricular actor of being a bully during his elementary and middle school days. The netizen’s post included testimonties from alleged former schoolmates of Kim’s, all of whom claiming the actor had been physically abusive towards his classmates. At the time, Kim’s agency denied the allegations in a statement to South Korean media, per Soompi.

The actor’s legal representation has since claimed that there is “no clear evidence” proving that the actor was a school bully in a new statement released to South Korean media earlier today (December 28).

“In the process [of the investigations], Kim Dong-hee submitted his plaintiff statement, statements from his teachers and alumni, and copies of his elementary and middle school records,” reads Kim’s lawyer statement, as translated by Soompi.

“However, due to the fact that this happened in elementary school, which was a long time ago, and there is no clear evidence to support the different positions and claims, the investigations found Kim Dong-hee to be innocent.”

Kim’s legal representation also claimed that the allegations of Kim being physically abusive towards classmates with disabilities had caused the actor “a lot of pain and suffering”, as he had grown up with “two people with disabilities in his immediate family”.

The lawyer also noted that while Kim had a rebellious streak due to “his poor childhood environment”, but he would “never did anything that would be considered a social controversy.”

Prior to his lawyer’s statement, Kim’s management agency NPIO Entertainment denied the allegations in February and announced that they will be taking legal action against the individual who posted the allegations.

“After checking the claim with the actor and school officials, we have come to a conclusion that it is false and he has nothing to do with bullying,” the agency said in a statement to The Korea Times. “The accuser made the false allegations online and deleted them three years ago, so we did not take legal action. But the person recently posted the same allegations.”

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