Nam Yoon-su says he was “at a loss” on the set of ’The King’s Affection’

Written by on 27/12/2021

nam yoon-su the king's affection

Model-turned-actor Nam Yoon-su has opened up about being on the set of the popular historical romance K-drama The King’s Affection.

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In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, the 24-year-old actor revealed that he had initially struggled with his lines during the filming of the series, much due to the historical nature of the series.

“At first, I had no idea how to deliver my lines and I felt at a loss,” said Nam, as translated by Soompi.”I tried to act with the mindset of, ‘doing it my own way,’ but I don’t think I was able to do that in the beginning.”

However, the actor noted  that he had eventually settled into the role after spending more time on set. “In the latter half of the drama, my time on set increased and I think I suddenly adjusted to the role then,” Nam continued. “I grew comfortable to the point that I could immediately film any scene needed.”

Elsewhere during the interview, the actor shared that he would like to try playing a villainous role in the future. “I want to try playing a ruthless character, someone who you don’t know what’s going on inside their head,” he said.

Nam then explained that this was due to how he is often perceived by others. “Sometimes people see me and say, ‘He’s laughing, but he’s scary,’” he elaborated. “I don’t know why!”

In The King’s Affection, Nam stars as the crown prince’s calm and gentle cousin Lee Hyun, which he had previously described as having a “big heart” and being unable to tolerate injustice. The actor had also likened his character to a “sturdy tree.”

The King’s Affection revolves around Lee Hwi (played by Park Eun-bin), a Joseon-era crown prince. Born the female twin of the original crown prince, she disguises herself as a man to take her brother’s place after his death.

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