Yoko Taro’s ‘NieR’ team talk about a world tour in their holiday greeting

Written by on 23/12/2021

NieR creator Yoko Taro

On Twitter, creative director Yoko Taro, producer Yosuke Saito and musical director Keiichi Okabe, send out a holiday message thanking fans and speaking on NieR‘s plans for 2022.

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The trio mostly joke around in their cheery holiday greeting (thanks, PCGamesN). They often laugh about being in their 50s now and their “middle-age shoulders”. Yoko Taro also says he has “nothing” planned for the NieR series. “That’s right! We announced it here today folks. The NieR series is now finished.” He does concede that he might do more for “a big ‘ole pile of money”.

The joking continues as Yoko Taro asks Santa to turn him into a “kind person” for Christmas. He also says that if fans can find the hidden message in their joyful holiday message they will win “half of Yosuke Saito’s bank account” clarifying in big letters on the screen “This is a lie”.

There is some real NieR news hidden in the team’s jokes. Okabe tells fans of the teams disappointment that the plans for a NieR world tour around the release of NieR Replicant, were cancelled.

“When things go back to like they used to be, I would love to have a chance to meet everyone in person again. – I really am looking forward to the day we can do it.”

No specific dates were given for the world tour as it appears to be pandemic dependant, but the team claimed that eventually it will be a certainty.

In other news, United Games Entertainment have announced that the Taito Egret II Mini, a miniature console based on a Taito arcade cabinet, will also be released in the West as well as Japan. The console comes with a rotational screen and adjustable joystick as well as 40 games preinstalled.

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