Malaysian rapper Hullera teams up with Singapore’s Akeem Jahat on new song ‘Lilo & Stitch’

Written by on 17/12/2021

Malaysian rapper Hullera teams up with Singapore's Akeem Jahat in 'LILO & STITCH'

Malaysian rapper Hullera has teamed up with Singaporean MC Akeem Jahat for the collaborative track ‘Lilo & Stitch’.

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Hullera shared the Disney-referencing collab, which has yet to land on streaming services, via a colourful lyric video on her YouTube channel on Wednesday (December 15). In the clip – which is in portrait dimension – Hulltera gallivants around a shopping arcade and cruises in a Toyota sedan, while Akeem chills out in a production studio, plays video games and lifts weights.

I don’t need introduction / Everybody know my name / Like Michael Jackson / Lu takleh make it tanpa kita (You can’t make it without us) / I show you how it’s done / Make you quit rap to join the government,” Hullera raps in the opening lines of the bilingual track.

In his verse, Akeem raps: “Big dog hoodie / Can’t help it that I’m gung ho / y’know oil and water takleh campur (don’t mix) / biar nampak angkuh, gua takkan angguk (let me look arrogant, I won’t ever bow).”

Check out ‘Lilo & Stitch’ here:

The song comes less than two weeks after Hullera’s performance at the virtual Revive Arcade Festival 2021. In late October, she dropped the pop punk-tinged track ‘Lepaskan’.

In late August, Hullera featured alongside veteran Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow and her peer Bunga in the collaborative track ‘Kena Check’. Earlier this year, she also collaborated with Singapore’s AE$OP CA$H, and Indonesian musicians Matter Mos and Tuan Tigabelas on ‘Siapa Lagi’.

Akeem Jahat on the other hand released his latest solo track ‘Jangan Buang Baju Gua’ in late November, marking his fourth drop of the year.

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