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Written by on 16/12/2021

The Music of Malaysia: The Classical, Folk and Syncretic Traditions (Soas Musicology) (2nd Hardcover + Spoken Word Compact Disc) [Hardcover]

The Music of Malaysia, first published in Malay in 1997 and followed by an English edition in 2004 is still the only history, appreciation, and analysis of Malaysian music in its many and varied forms available in English.

Publication Date 2017/05
ISBN 9781472465047
Routledge Publishing (GB)
Ashgate Publishing

The book is put together by two authors: Patricia Matusky and Tan Booi Beng. Within the print on its pages, it categorizes the types of music genres found in Malaysian society and provides an overview of the development of music in that country.

Analyses of the music are illustrated with many examples transcribed from original field recordings. Genres discussed include theatrical and dance forms, percussion ensembles, vocal and instrumental music, and classical music. It is an excellent introduction to and exploration of the country’s vibrant musical culture.

This new, fully revised and updated edition includes timelines, listening guides and downloadable resources of field recordings that are analysed and discussed in the text.

Content Introduction:
1 Music of the Major Theatrical Forms
2 Music of the Major Dance Forms
3 Music of the Percussion Ensembles
4 Vocal and Solo Instrumental Music
5 Social Popular Music and Ensembles
6 Contemporary Art and Popular Music

This hardcover version also comes in the form of paperbacks.

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