One of Kurt Cobain’s childhood homes is up for sale

Written by on 10/12/2021

Kurt Cobain

One of Kurt Cobain’s childhood homes is up for sale.

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The Nirvana frontman lived at the house in Montesano, Washington, with his father following his parent’s divorce.

Cobain was 11 years old when he arrived at the house in 1978 and lived there until 1982.

When Cobain’s father re-married, his stepmother and her two children moved into the house. Cobain left soon after in 1982, moving initially into his grandparent’s trailer for a time.

After that, he lived between the houses of family and friends during his late teenage years.

The house is on the market for $279,000 (£211,000).

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Nirvana photographed in Japan in 1992. Credit: Gutchie Kojima/Shinko Music/Getty Images

Estate agents didn’t realise it was Cobain’s former home until a photographer took a picture of the house and recognised it from its unique structure.

Famously, Cobain’s dad tried to make the inside look like a ship and Cobain’s room had round, sea-cabin-like windows.

One of the estate agents, Colt Fairley, told Rolling Stone: “None of us knew it was until the photographer [Alicia Tisdale] took a picture of it.

“She knows Aberdeen pretty well. She was like, ‘Oh my god, this is Kurt Cobain’s house.’ His dad, Donald, tried to make the entire house into a ship.”

Earlier this year, another of Cobain’s childhood homes in Aberdeen, Washington, was formally recognised as a historical landmark, with plans to immortalise its original form reportedly “90 to 95 per cent” complete.

Lee Bacon, the home’s current co-owner, told Rolling Stone that he planned to offer private tours of the home starting next Spring.

Bacon also plans to launch a “Tribute Lounge and Gallery Cafe” in downtown Aberdeen, serving as a museum that aims to celebrate Cobain’s legacy through memorabilia, photos and other items of interest to fans.

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