Watch Coldiac’s new music video for latest single ‘Beautiful Day’

Written by on 06/12/2021

Coldiac 2021 single Beautiful Day music video

Indonesian indie pop outfit Coldiac have shared a new animated music video for their latest single, ‘Beautiful Day’.

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The animated music video, which premiered on Saturday (December 4), came nearly two months after the single was released. Directed, illustrated and animated by Bhima Bagaskara, the video chronicles a girl traversing through nightmarish realms to reach her a colourful, dreamlike haven.

Watch the animated music video for ‘Beautiful Day’ below.

Coldiac first released ‘Beautiful Day’ on October 7. The band intended the song, their first release of 2021, as an inspirational reminder to find beauty around us, despite how dark and unsafe things may seem.

Vocalist Sambadha Wahyadyatmika explained via a press release that the single was inspired “by the feeling of how tiresome it is to mourn bad luck, to the point of whoever is feeling that way is not able to feel grateful for any of the good things around”.

He added: “We believe that there is still the bright side of everything and we should celebrate it, if we all want to believe in it’s (the almighty) existence, because love and goodness are not the things we can see, but we can feel.”

‘Beautiful Day’ incorporates the band’s signature indie pop sound with city pop influences, complete with jazz instrumentation, synths, trumpets and more.

Coldiac released their third studio album ‘No Make Up’ in 2020, followed by the single ‘Sampaikan’, which received an acoustic version earlier this year. In February, the band’s Arya Adinegara produced Sal Priadi’s ‘Serta Mulia’.

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