Filipino lawmakers pass bill requiring airlines, hotels, tourist buses to play local music

Written by on 06/12/2021

Philippines law mandatory airlines hotels tourist buses to play Filipino music

The Philippines could require hotels, resorts, tourist buses, and inbound international flights to play certain quotas of Filipino music – by law.

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GMA News Online reported that last Monday (November 29), the country’s House of Representatives unanimously voted 179-0 in the third and final reading of House Bill 10305, which aims to promote Filipino culture and music.

The draft measure mandates flights arriving from abroad set, upon landing on Philippine soil, at least 50 per cent of its piped-in music aside for Filipino songs. Tourist buses will also be made to prepare playlists with the same amount of local music.

On the other hand, hotels, resorts, and restaurants will be required to play at least 25 per cent Filipino creations when it comes to piped-in music during operational hours.

While approved, the bill has yet to be enforced as it needs be transmitted to the country’s Senate, a conference committee and president, before it can be fully legislated.

Under the bill, Philippine music is defined as any musical composition – whether purely instrumental or with lyrics – which has been originally composed, written, arranged, performed, or played by Filipinos, GMA News reported.

Those who do not comply risk being fined: Airline company directors or officers could be fined PHP300,000 for every offence, while bus owners or operators could have to cough up PHP50,000. The owners and operators of hotels, resorts and restaurants could be made to pay PHP20,000 fines for every offence.

The bill would also mandate the country’s Department of Tourism come up with and implement rules and regulations 60 days after its passage into law.

The bill was primarily authored by Lito Atienza, a candidate for the Philippine president in the 2022 elections, who said that it was intended to help effectively promote tourism in the country.

“We believe that if the Department of Tourism incorporates this into the tourism promotion program, every tourist would bring home a very vivid and clear impression of our country’s arts and culture that would make her or him want to come back,” he said, according to Manila Bulletin.

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