Watch DeadSquad and Isyana Sarasvati perform ‘Il Sogno’ on Indonesia’s ‘Tonight Show’

Written by on 28/02/2022

Isyana Sarasvati and DeadSquad on Tonight Show

Indonesian metal outfit DeadSquad and singer-songwriter Isyana Sarasvati appeared on Indonesian late-night television program ‘Tonight Show’ to perform their collaborative single ‘Il Sogno’.

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The artists appeared on the February 27 edition of the program, where they opened the show with their performance of ‘Il Sogno’ before joining hosts Vincent Rompies and Desta for an interview.

Both DeadSquad and Sarasvati were clothed in all-black ensembles as moody lighting accompanied the song’s sombre and operatic intro led by Sarasvati’s voice. Watch the performance of ‘Il Sogno’ on Indonesia’s ‘Tonight Show’ below.

“We were glad to be part of Isyana’s musical journey,” DeadSquad guitarist Stevi Item told the hosts during the interview. “She was looking around for a band to collaborate with on this version of the song, and thankfully she chose us.”

DeadSquad guitarist Karis also shared on the ‘Tonight Show’ interview that the group had only ten days to work on their collaboration before sharing the stage together for the first time. “We had to learn how to play her songs like ‘Lexicon’ and ‘Il Sogno’”, Karis shared, “But the boys are always up for a challenge, so we went ahead with it.”

Sarasvati first released her operatic rock version of ‘Il Sogno’ in April 2021, which was a much softer iteration of the song she performed alongside DeadSquad. Later that month, she collaborated with DeadSquad – then led by former vocalist Daniel Mardhany – for a set at IDGAF 2021, where they unveiled the first iteration of their collaborative ‘Il Sogno’.

The artists would go on to release a music video for their collaborative single, which featured the musicians performing together on a darkened soundstage, with a sinister Sarasvati rising to power and ultimately floating off the ground at the end of the clip.

DeadSquad released their latest album ‘Catharsis’ on February 25. The album features a total of nine tracks, including the previously released single ‘Curse Of The Black Plague’, and is also the band’s first album with new vocalist Augustinus Widi.

Widi replaced longtime frontman Daniel Mardhany in August last year, and the band went on to release ‘Curse Of The Black Plague’ in October.

In July 2021, the band shared a new single, ‘Paranoid Skizoid’, which at the time was said to be a preview of a new album titled ‘Omeg4litikum’.

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