Day: 11/02/2022

‘Xerecard’ incomodou até empresa de cartões Pouca gente faz mais barulho no pop brasileiro hoje do que MC Danny. Sua voz grave entoa versos sexuais de forró sem constrangimento. Ela chega para causar. Tanto que “Xerecard”, hit dela do ano passado, fez a Mastercard, empresa parodiada na letra e no clipe, pedir para tirar sua […]

With this hyper-kenetic single, the Dar Es Salaam native announces his debut album, Mr Mixondo, to be released on Nyege Nyege Tapes. Hailing from Dar Es Salaam – the economic capital of Tanzania – DJ […] L’article DJ Travella drops breakneck singeli on “Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2” est apparu en premier sur PAM – […]

Three cast members from South Korean variety show Running Man have been tested positive for COVID-19. READ MORE: BIBI: “I have a long-ass plan to be a superstar and then die in my own bedroom” On February 10, actor and regular Running Man cast member Kim Jong-kook was first to have tested positive for the coronavirus, as […]

When GFRIEND disbanded last year, it seemed like its six members might go the same way as GOT7 – each pursuing their own separate paths. By September, news of Yerin, Sowon and Yuju’s individual deals with new agencies was announced but, a month later, the remaining half of the group – Eunha, SinB and Umji […]

Thirty-one years ago, Nelson Mandela walked out of the Victor Verster prison, where he had spent the last years of his detention, finally appearing before the eyes of the world. He was free, at last. […] L’article Mandela, a hero of many songs est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying has appeared as a guest on Evanturetime and Eiji John Mitsuta’s latest single ‘Together Pt. 1’. READ MORE: Linying: “For me music comes from this place of emotional intensity” The 28-year-old musician co-wrote and lent her voice to the romantic track, which arrived today (February 11). The string-filled song also features contributions […]

The Franco-Cuban duo, and twin sisters, announce their comeback with a second single and an album release date. Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz of the duo Ibeyi (“twins” in Yoruba) announce a new album to be […] L’article Ibeyi embrace their twinhood on “Sisters II Sisters” est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

Crazy Love, the new K-drama series starring Krystal Jung and Kim Jae-wook, is set to premiere next month. READ MORE: ‘Snowdrop’ review: a bastardisation of the struggle of a nation A new official teaser for the forthcoming series dropped on February 9, depicting the two main characters and their defining traits. Kim’s character is depicted […]

ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha have made their long-awaited return as a sub-unit with their new single ‘Ghost Town’. READ MORE: Wheein talks stepping out on her own, working with Ravi and the future of MAMAMOO In the accompanying video, the two K-pop idols are seen performing the new single in an empty studio, illuminated only […]

[Capital FM] Nairobi — Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is on February 14, 2022 set to star in a music video dubbed Leo ni Leo remix.

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