Day: 18/02/2022

Ivete Sangalo está a todo vapor com os lançamento musicais em parceria para o projeto “Onda Boa”, da HBO Max. Dividindo vocais com IZA, Veveta entregou a faixa “Salve Baby”, concluindo o projeto musical, que já contou com colaborações de Carlinhos Brown, Gloria Groove, Vanessa da Mata e Agnes Nunes. O conteúdo pertence a mais um episódio do documentário “Onda Boa”, protagonizado por Ivete. […]

[Vanguard] The giant microblogging app, Twitter Thursday launched 4 hashtags that feature the photograph of Nigerian pop star, David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido.

[New Era] Since its release about four months ago, ‘Danko’ by the Musketeers recently reached over two million views on YouTube.

[This Day] One of the big winners of the eighth edition of the Top Naija Music Awards (TNMA) for 2021 is Mr. Stanley Ihensekhien, the head of operations of Jamika Entertainment, the fast emerging entertainment powerhouse and music label in Africa.

Faixa figura como a música solo feminina mais longa a permanecer no Top 10 mundial nesta década Se não for para causar, Adele nem lança música nova, não é mesmo? E após quebrar diferentes recordes com “Easy On Me”, faixa que deu o pontapé inicial à era “30”, atingiu um novo feito nas plataformas de stream. A faixa agora figura como […]

In the years since the release of 2016’s Vroom Vroom, a dominant narrative of Charli XCX’s career has formed among fans and critics alike, painting her as a young innovator who had trouble finding her way before making a sharp pivot into a sound that truly fortified her artistic purpose. In the early 2010s, she […]

Cape Verdean multidisciplinary artist Djam Neguin exposes his vision of Afrofuturism, while remaining faithful to traditions, through the prism of his archipelago on his latest single. Whether it is music, dance, theater or other forms […] L’article Djam Neguin imagines the Cape Verdean future on ‘Ka Bu Squeci Tradison’ est apparu en premier sur PAM […]

PAM presents Gidam (until the end), a film by Arthur Larie and Bastien Massa, shot in December 2021 in Sudan. It follows Enas, a young percussionist who accompanies the protests demanding the departure of the military from power. L’article PAM presents Gidam, a fully immersive film from the streets of revolution est apparu en premier […]

Filipino rapper A$tro has released his latest track, ‘Whooa!’ READ MORE: JRLDM: Filipino rapper who went from Bataan’s factories to making stark songs about love, vice and inner darkness Out on February 16 on all major streaming platforms, the song centers on his journey in the hip-hop scene. The Owfuck rapper enlisted the help of […]

“Pain creates nothing but darkness if it stays inside me,” Epik High’s Tablo tweeted earlier this week. “I’d now like to use it to save someone.” That comment might have come in response to a fan’s praise for the rapper sharing his struggles in a new podcast launching next week, but it’s a sentiment that […]

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