Suran drops ominous teaser for new single ‘Devils In The City’

Written by on 17/02/2022

suran dok2 devils in the city music video

Suran has released the music video teaser for her upcoming single ‘Devils In The City’, featuring Dok2.

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The new clip opens with a shot of an empty rooftop. It then cuts to the Seoul skyline in the midst of a sunset, with a dark, cloudy sky illuminated only by the Moon, while an eery voice narrates a creepy message. “Show me your faith and dedication, I’ll give you everything you want. You know I’m never letting you down,” the voice says.

“Don’t ever settle for illusions, I got all that you want,” it continues, as we eventually reach Suran, who stands on the same rooftop overlooking the city. “So let me deep inside your heart.”

‘Devils In The City’, which features South Korean rapper Dok2, is due out February 22 at 6pm KST. ‘Devils In The City’, which is said to draw inspiration from the singer’s own experiences with hardship, is set to mark a new sound for Suran.

She is set to highlight society’s dark sides through what will supposedly be a message of awareness for fans, as she confronts the more cruel aspects of life through the candid lyrics of ‘Devil In The City’.

Suran is no stranger to collaborating with K-hip-hop artists, having teamed up with pH-1 on 2019’s ‘Don’t Hang Up’, Mad Clown on 2017’s ‘Love Is A Dog From Hell’ and KittiB on 2016’s ‘2013 Forever’.

THe musician also most notably enlisted BTS‘ Suga for her 2017 single ‘Wine’, which also featured Changmo. Meanwhile, her last music release was her July single, ‘Blanket’, which was a collaboration with MSG Wannabe’s Wonstein.

Speaking on the experience of launching her own music label, Suran previously described the process as having “a lot that goes behind the scenes” in an interview. “Being my own boss is… I don’t know yet because all of it is still so new to me,” she admitted. “Being an artist and songwriter/producer and boss at the same time hasn’t been simple or easy.”

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