February Selection: Andrea Bocelli, Lang Lang & Lei Jia Sing ‘Forever You and Me’ At Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Written by on 23/02/2022

Great things do happen at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Two Chinese music stars – pianist Lang Lang and folk soprano Lei Jia – has recently released a new song ‘Together Forever’ in a collaboration with Italian tenor Andcrea Bocelli.

Licensed exclusively by Universal Music China, the song is composed specially to celebrate the 2022 Beijing Olympics. The song title, literally translated as ‘Together Forever’, is composed by Shu Nan and lyricist Zhang Heping. Its hook is obviously its chorus which sang ‘Forever You and Me’. It is also a gift from Chinese and Italian artists to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

This song merges the collaboration among Beijing Organising Committee, Paralympic Winter Games and Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles.

“The music video shows the sportsmen and sportswomen in action. Presenting some of the best weather needed for the iced outdoors, the song began by showcasing Lei Jia, beautifully dressed to impress a stately and crowning white dress. It reaches its powerful zenith musically through its chorus that see the orchestra accompany Lang Lang, Andrea Bocelli and Lei Jia’s most expressive outpour,” said Monica Tong, editor of Music Press Asia.

Sung in both English and Chinese, Forever You and Me is an ode to the Olympic spirit and the peace, collaboration and friendship among different countries that the games foster.

Universal Music China is also a division of Go East Music, a division of Go East Music Entertainment Consulting (Beijing) Ltd.

“China has changed a lot in the past a decade or so. Beijing became the first city in history to hold the Games in two seasons. I’ve been thinking, how can I unfold our story and embrace the world? My answer was to combine national and international in my composing. I’m so thrilled this song has brought together Lei Jia, Andrea Bocelli and Lang Lang to work together, making it a musical gift to Beijing Winter Olympics.”

Shu Nan, Composer


“The song is very beautifully written which strikes a chord with my heart. I hope it brings people together around the world through its wonderful harmonies and uplifting message. Andrea and I have worked together on many musical works before and Lei Jia has also been a good friend of mine for many years. It is a pleasure to work with them to present a musical gift to the Winter Games,”

Lang Lang, Pianist

“To me Forever You and Me is an echo or recollection of Beijing Summer Olympics 14 years ago. It also calls out an image of Beijing as world’s first dual Olympic city. The melody is warm and touching, the lyrics evoke Chinese culture. We’d love to share our passion for the sports of snow and ice with everyone in the world. I believe the song will stay in the hearts of people around the globe,” said soprano Lei Jia.

The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli joins the Chinese stars beckoning, simply because Italy will be hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics.


“Forever You and Me: The lyrics and spirit of this song convey the strength of friendship and the power of art as a vehicle for mutual understanding and a valuable tool for advancing development and peace in the world. We were thrilled and honoured to make a musical contribution for the #Beijing2022WinterOlympics, celebrating sport’s core universal values, which are like those of life: teamwork, collaboration and respect,” said Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

‘Together Forever’ lyrics:
It’s still this day/still this land/I’m still here waiting for you/You are still you/From near and far/We are again in Beijing/Winter comes after summer/Snowy ground welcomes all/The world is so big/Reunion again in Beijing/Winter comes after summer/Snowy ground welcomes all/Forever you and me/I will always be with you/Forever you and me/I will always be with you.

The song is now available on streaming platforms. Click here to watch the music video.

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