SHNTI is obsessed on smooth new song, ‘Fuck It (I’m In Love Again)’

Written by on 22/02/2022

SHNTI Fuck it Im In Love Again

Filipino rapper SHNTI has released a smooth new single, ‘Fuck It (I’m In Love Again)’.

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Released on Tuesday (February 22), ‘Fuck It (I’m In Love Again)’ features laidback production from ThatKidGoran, consisting of punchy percussion, soft keys, a mellow bass line and bright synths.

The song chronicles the obsessive state that people get into when they’re newly in love. SHNTI raps: “You got me hooked, a bit obsessed / Can’t believe you on my mind, all the verses that I write / Ends up just being all about you / Everything all about you”.

Listen to ‘Fuck It (I’m In Love Again)’ below.

‘Fuck It (I’m In Love Again)’ marks SHNTI’s first release of the year. She is working up to a seven-song debut EP, ‘Element’, produced by LIAB Studios labelmate Calix.

“Each song is pretty different from the other,” she told NME of ‘Element’ last year. “I just wanted to explore my skills as a musician, while maintaining some kind of SHNTI formula to it. To me, that’s having fun with the process and keeping in mind what to say and how listeners can learn something.”

Last year, SHNTI released a remastered version of December 2019 track, ‘Goodie, Goodie’. She also released ‘haha tite’ in January 2021, and featured on Mara Torres and Nama’s ‘U Don’t’.

The rising rapper has also contributed two singles to ‘Pasya’, a compilation album by female Filipino artists about decriminalising and destigmatising abortion. The album featured the likes of BP Valenzuela, Aly Cabral of The Buildings and Tao of Sleep Kitchen, among others.

SHNTI made her debut in 2019, releasing the track ‘OH NO PH!’ on SoundCloud, followed by a string of other loose singles.

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