Watch 1096 Gang and Trvmata perform of their single ‘BREAK THE LOOP’ on the Wish 107.5 Bus

Written by on 16/02/2022

1096 gang trvmata break the loop wish bus

Filipino rap crew 1096 Gang and Trvmata have performed their 2021 track ‘BREAK THE LOOP’ on the Wish 107.5 Bus.

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The live performance’s video premiered on Wish 107.5’s YouTube channel on Monday (February 14). It was recorded in January, coinciding with the group claiming their nomination plaques for the recently-held Wish Music Awards.

With the release falling on Valentine’s day, the group shared the video on their social media account, sending out love to their fans. “Pag-ibig sa lahat (Wishing love for everyone)”, they wrote.

Watch their live version of the song below.

‘BREAK THE LOOP’ was 1096 Gang’s fifth single of 2021, released in September. It was followed by their latest joint effort in December called ‘Marami Rami’. Prior to these songs, they launched the tracks ‘Buhay’, ‘Gawin’, ‘Matsalab’ and ‘IMOUT (Cypher 3)’ in the same year.

Currently, each member is working on individual music projects. Guddhist Gunatita has followed his 2021 debut album ‘Metamorphosis’ with a new single ‘Way Back’, released on Tuesday (February 15). He also appeared in Loir’s December release ‘Umaga’ and composed her most recent single ‘Panaginip’.

Meanwhile, Polo Pi has released his first EP ‘Follow P’ via YouTube earlier this month. Luci J also put out new music this year, dropping his collaboration with Alas Ng Beats and fellow 1096 member Ghetto Gecko for the song ‘Bless They Path’. He also put out his team up with DonyVan titled ‘Lakbay’.

Finally, Youngwise joined the members in releasing solo work with ‘Lagpas Ulap’ released last week.

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