‘Single’s Inferno’: Moon Se-hoon talks “heated” moment with Kang So-yeon

Written by on 07/02/2022

moon se-hoon single's inferno

Single’s Inferno star Moon Se-hoon has opened up about his relationship with Kang So-yeon from the hit Netflix reality series.

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During a recent interview with South Korean YouTube channel Gomong, the reality star discussed his stint on the series, including a misunderstanding that occurred between him and fellow cast member Kang So-yeon.

During the show’s sixth episode, Kang had attempted to give Moon advice regarding his pursuit of another cast member, Shin Ji-yeon. However, the pair appeared to have misunderstood one another, leading to a “heated” conversation.

“We were at odds,” admitted Moon, when asked about the scene in question. “I think So-yeon was one of the people who were really faithful to the moment, since she totally melted in that moment and tried to be completely honest,” he explained.

“Since I was also so into that moment, I guess things got a little heated up between us like that,” Moon went on. “Watching that scene again, I don’t think it’s about who’s right and who’s wrong. We were just different, and I think [we were] so faithful to the moment that we acted like that.”

The Single’s Inferno star added that he later found the conversation “fun” to watch. “So-yeon and I are getting along really well now, though,” Moon assured.

In related news, scandal-plagued Single’s Inferno contestant Song Ji-a has stepped away from social media following a recent controversy over her use of counterfeit designer goods on the show.

“I should have been more careful as someone who runs a YouTube channel, but I have damaged the brand’s value by using counterfeit products,” she said in an apology video on YouTube.

“I am feeling so regretful and all I can think when I look back on myself is how pathetic I was,” Song added. “In regards to that, I feel regretful and am reflecting on my decisions. I am so sorry.”

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