‘All Of Us Are Dead’: Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon reveal their kiss scene required 17 takes

Written by on 07/02/2022

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All Of Us Are Dead stars Cho Yi-hyun and Lomon have opened up about how they struggled to film their kiss scene in the new Netflix K-drama.

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In a newly released commentary clip by Netflix Korea, the main cast and crew members of the apocalyptic zombie K-drama series sat down to discuss several scenes from the drama. Among these was the kiss scene between Cho and Lomon’s characters, which they revealed required 17 takes to complete.

Cho explain that the pair had struggled to film the scene because of her. “I felt really sorry to Lomon. Because I had my eyes closed when I was leaning in [for the kiss], so I couldn’t find where his lips were,” she said.

“I kept saying, ‘Lomon, I’m really sorry. Can we try it just one more time? I’m really sorry.’ But Lomon was like, ‘Personally, I’m happy to keep going,’” the actress added, earning laughter from the cast.

“Before we shot that scene, I kept worrying, ‘How do we pull off the kiss? I’m so nervous. What do I do?,’” said Lomon. “But after [Cho] kissed me, I realised, ‘Oh, so this is why actors do romance dramas’m” the 22-year-old added, notingthat it was his “favourite” scene.

“Even now, Lomon can’t stop smiling. He looks so happy watching [this scene],” teased director Lee Jae-gyu.

Korea is now the first country to place multiple series not in the English language at the top of the streaming service’s charts. Earlier this month, All Of Us Are Dead became the second non-English-language series to reach the daily Top 10 list on US Netflix after 2021’s Squid Game, setting a new record for South Korea.

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