‘Single’s Inferno”s Cha Hyun-Seung says he regrets not choosing An Yae-won

Written by on 18/01/2022

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Single’s Inferno contestant Cha Hyun-seung has revealed that he has second thoughts about not choosing An Yea-won during the show’s finale.

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In a new clip called “Single’s Inferno Review Video”, posted to An’s official YouTube page, the two contestants talked about their experiences on the show. When asked about his two choices on the show, Hyun-seung revealed that Yea-won was his other option as someone he would have brought to Paradise , aside from Song Ji-a.

“I even told the other guys. I told everyone that Yea-won is very charming, and I was at the point where I had to decide,” Cha explained. “I was gonna talk to you more after I came back from [Paraside], but as soon as I got back, your response was ‘You must have had fun, huh?’”

Later on, Cha revealed that his fellow contestants have also questioned why he didn’t pick Yea-won in the end. “Peniel from BtoB makes the most fun of me for not choosing you”, the dancer shared. “When we meet, that’s what he talks about the whole time and I beg him to shut up.”

Following Cha’s confession, An also playfully asked if the dancer if he regrets not choosing her in the end, to which Cha responded with: “Yeah, a little.”


Single’s Inferno stars 12 single men and women as they get to know one another with the goal of finding love on a deserted island. Couples who successfully pair up are later sent to “Paradise” for a night where they can enjoy a luxury hotel stay and ask questions regarding their age, occupations and more.

Since its premiere on the streaming service in December, Single’s Inferno has since emerged as one of the most-watched show on Netflix globally, marking the first time a Korean reality series has entered the platform’s global Top 10 chart.

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