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Day: 10/01/2022

The French band keeps on spreading love with a project that will blend Afro-Caribbean grooves with Creole jazz and future-funk.  “To make the language of our roots, that of the country in which we live, […] L’article Dowdelin announces Creole Afrofuturist album Lanmou Lanmou est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

A look at the life of one of South Africa’s great stars, and the complex interpretation of her legacy as an activist and diva.  L’article Brenda Fassie, Life is Going On est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

A crew member of decorated Indonesian film Penyalin Cahaya (Photocopier) has been accused of sexual harassment and had their name removed from the movie’s credits, three days ahead of its streaming premiere on Netflix. Kaninga Pictures and Rekata Studio, the companies who produced the award-winning film, announced the news in a statement issued today (January […]

When Kevin Lester decided to rap under the name THELIONCITYBOY, he also decided to wear his love for his native Singapore – derived from its Malay name Singapura, which means “lion city” – on his sleeve. For NME Radar Sessions, he performs two songs that demonstrate how he’s turned his music career into a showcase […]

There comes a time in life when you start to develop your own beliefs, moral code and ethos for living – even if you don’t realise that it’s happening at the time. Some of the ideals that society had previously imposed on you become notions to spurn and turn your back on, igniting a fire […]

Mulher é presa após invadir casa de ex para pegar objeto para fazer “macumba”.Além disso, ela ainda agrediu duas ex-cunhadas e desacatou os policiais; Uma mulher foi presa no domingo dia 9, em Dourados, após invadir a casa do ex-namorado para pegar alguma peça de roupa ou objeto dele alegando que iria fazer uma “macumba”. […]

A australiana Pixie Curtis é fundadora de uma marca de tiaras e de uma companhia que vende brinquedos para crianças, que são administradas por sua mãe. Em 2014, quando tinha apenas dois anos de idade, a australiana Pixie Curtis se tornou um fenômeno das redes sociais. No Instagram, foi apelidada de “Princesa do Instagram”, em razão do seu […]

The band has announced the release of The Strings of São Domingos, where the guitars will bear witness to the adventurous life of bandleader Pascoal, and legendary composer Ano Nobo.  Pascoal “El Bruto” is a […] L’article The Ano Nobo Quartet captures the history of Cape Verde est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan […]

South Korean actress Kim Hye-yoon has opened up about working with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo on the set of Snowdrop. READ MORE: The 10 best Korean dramas of 2021 The 25-year-old actress, known for her roles in Sky Castle, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy and, most recently, Snowdrop, had revealed that she had grown close to the idol […]

Footage has emerged of Kanye West letting an aspiring rapper freelance for him in the street – check it out below. In the video, Kanye is seen leaving a restaurant in New York City with his girlfriend Julia Fox. A handful of fans are then waiting for him as he gets in a car, with […]