‘Single’s Inferno’: Song Ji-a apologises for wearing fake designer goods on the show

Written by on 18/01/2022

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Single’s Inferno contestant Song Ji-a has released an apology over wearing fake designer goods on the show after facing backlash from viewers.

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Earlier this week, some viewers of the show alleged on social media that some of the designer outfits Song wore on the show and on social media were actually counterfeits of the original items, per Koreaboo.

Song has since responded to the backlash, posting a handwritten letter on Instagram. In her post, song admits that some of the allegation lodged against her have been “partly true”, while apologising for her actions.

“I want to apologize once again for everything that has happened due to infringing a designers’ creations and ignoring copyright”, Song added, as translated by Koreaboo. “As someone who has dreamed of launching a brand, I will recognise the severity of the issue and reflect upon this.”

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Ji-a went on to add that any social media content that had featured her wearing fake designer goods has been deleted. “I also want to apologise to the brands that have had their image damaged because of me. I sincerely apologise to everyone, including fans, subscribers, and brand officials”, she said. “I will live with more responsibility in the future.”

Last week, Song released a YouTube video where she claimed that nothing on the popular Netflix reality series was scripted. Song shared that she had kept herself updated with the reactions and comments the show has received from fans and viewers, adding she realised “many seemed to believe that everything was scripted”.

However, the YouTuber later clarified that this was not the case. “I have to tell you that it really wasn’t,” she said, adding that “it doesn’t make sense” for everything to have been planned. “How can we follow a script when we’re not even actors? And all the participants acted the way they wanted.”

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