Day: 25/04/2023

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XPW World Champion Masada accidentally sets himself on fire. Posted by Persist
I wonder how he treats and grades his non-white students. Posted By Ghost

From the beginning of his career, the spectacle of fascinating public performances has been a recurring motif of the Davido experience. Whether softly emoting through his romantic cuts at wedding ceremonies, leading vociferous renditions of his songs at his own shows, or running through breathless live interpretations of his evergreen hits at arena-sized venues, Davido […]

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DJ Drewski and Ken Starrrz are going no-holds-barred on Episode 6 of Culture shock. We are talking The Rock, AI Drake and Ken claims to have some dance moves. As always we brought some of the wildest, craziest and weirdest music videos out. Are you ready to shock the Culture
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