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Crazy Fight At A Chinese Restaurant Leaves Man Bloody. Posted By Persist

Os cantores passaram o primeiro dia de Coachella juntinhos Mais de um ano após o casal anunciar o termino do relacionamento de dois anos, Shawn Mendes e Camila Cabello foram vistos curtindo shows juntos no Coachella, festival de música na Califórnia, EUA. Em vídeos publicados nas redes sociais, os dois aparecem dançando, conversando e até […]

he’s getting fired & going to jail so sad. Posted By Ghost
N$145,000 1000 HP Chinese Super Car “Yangwang U9” Can Off The Ground, Dance To Any Beat & Can Go 0-60 In 2 Seconds. Posted by PSmooth
Listen to Sunny Jorge’s new single “Bright Lights” Out Now!!!!

Keep Up With Sunny Jorge si=ulykjJVGS3CzjUZm3y0Fbg&nd=1
Listen to “ Too Bad Too Sad “


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BROOKHAVEN, Pa.— Ring camera captures the moment a suspect takes off running and Tyler Morrell, with pizza in hand, trips the suspect before he gets away. Posted by PSmooth
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