Book Release: A24 Released Daniel’s Multiverse Official Book

Written by on 31/03/2022

Here’s a statement to ponder on A24’s most recent book release: “A Vast, Pointless Gyration of Radioactive Rocks and Gas in Which You Happen to Occur”

What are your thoughts on the Multiverse? Do you think it really exist?

From the minds of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, a wild journey through the five prevailing multiverse theories. Short fiction, original illustrations and comics, a quilter roundtable, an alternate opening to Everything Everywhere All At Once and more.

Told by a wide-ranging group of writers, scientists, and illustrators, the book features a foreword by Ted Chiang, an original essay by Sasha Sagan, and excerpted writing from Jorge Luis Borges, Alan Watts, and David Eagleman.

[An essay by Carl Sagan: The Daniels’ Multiverse official book is released by A24]

The book also includes:

– Three original short stores by Esmé Weijun Wang, Etgar Keret, and Emily Segal, all beginning with the same sentence

– Parallel short fiction by Billy Chew, Julia Pott, and Daniel Kwan

– An original comic by Lizzy Stewart

– A conversation between three quilters on the quilted theory of the multiverse

– An interview between the Daniels and David Eagleman

– Original illustrations by 11 artists

Click here to purchase the book.

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