Day: 16/03/2022

Em mais um dia de crescimento, a música “Envolver”, de Anitta, sobe ainda mais entre as músicas mais ouvidas do Spotify Global e entra pela primeira vez no Top 25 da parada. Completando 11 dias dentro da parada Spotify Global, sempre mostrando crescimento, “Envolver” aparece na 25ª posição da lista de mais ouvidas da plataforma de streaming de música, na […]

A supergroup of musicians from Tanzania and London come together on !K7 Records to announce their collective album and future tour with the single “WEMA Song”. New York producer Photay, Tanzanian gogo-fusion master Msafiri Zawose, […] L’article WEMA: the new supergroup at !K7 Records est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

This story originally appeared in i-D’s The Out Of Body Issue, no. 367, Spring 2022. Order your copy here. “I went through a phase where I was coming up with names for myself like, Young this, Lil that, and it was just too cliché,” Skiifall shrugs as we sit down for a chat in East London. Already […]

The Dutch-Ghanaian rapper and producer releases the visuals to a fan favorite off his latest album From Back to Back about returning to his Ghanaian roots. Kay Slice is a fast rising artist from the […] L’article Kay Slice is “Takin it Home” in new video est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African […]

Writing about Busi Mhlongo is quite an emotional task and it’s this constant negotiation between language’s failure and the most optimistic part of me that absolutely needs to deliver the truth about Mhlongo’s importance in […] L’article Busi Mhlongo, South Africa’s urban punk king est apparu en premier sur PAM – Pan African Music.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has unveiled the music video for her brand-new solo single, ‘Honey’. READ MORE: Wheein talks stepping out on her own, working with Ravi and the future of MAMAMOO The new visual opens the K-pop idol holding a mask sitting in front of a giant, white head made of concrete, before splitting the mask […]

An unreleased Prince album under the late star’s alter-ego Camille, is set to be shared with the world by Third Man Records. READ MORE: Prince – ‘Welcome 2 America’ review: purple prophet’s message still sounds fresh on lost album In 1986, Prince wrote and recorded a self-titled album called ‘Camille’ under his short-lived feminine alter-ego, but […]

Refusing to believe what he had seen and heard outside the fried chicken restaurant, Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop) calls up “Geum-hui” and is shocked to see Ha-ri (Gugudan’s Kim Se-jong) answering her cell phone in real time. Upon returning home and checking the employee records, Tae-moo is both appalled and furious that he’d not only been […]

In the run-up to the release of his debut solo single album ‘Voyager’, Yoo Ki-hyun – best known mononymously as Kihyun and as one-sixth of K-pop powerhouse MONSTA X – released a “mood sampler” video that showed him meeting another version of himself. The first Kihyun sits at a table while the other arrives with […]

Park Hyung-sik revealed that he agreed to star in the upcoming Disney+ K-drama Soundtrack #1 in order to work with actress Han So-hee. READ MORE: STAYC – ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’ review: a mature, ambitious return that ups the ante The ZE:A member revealed what had motivated him to join the cast of the forthcoming series in a recent […]

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