Say Sue Me find fun in mundane pandemic quarantines in ‘Around You’ music video

Written by on 28/03/2022

Say Sue Me share 'Around You' music video

South Korean rock band Say Sue Me have released their new single ‘Around You’.

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Released on Friday (March 25) on all major streaming sites, the track is inspired by the experience of being stuck at home during the pandemic. Vocalist Choi Su-mi shared how she felt like youth slip away, which became the basis of the song. “Perhaps when I go outside, something is waiting for me that makes me think better than this!” she said, per Stereogum.

The sentiment is evident throughout the single, with lyrics that express longing for living life freely. “I don’t know but time stopped in my room / And my mind has no more room / I’m just missing what I liked / But something that makes me think about something else / Is waiting for me when I go out“, Choi sings in the chorus.

The Busan-based group also launched a quarantine-themed music video for the track. It sees the members spending their days leisurely at home, ultimately finding fun in their mundane routines.

Watch the music video for ‘Around You’ below.

‘Around You’ serves as the second preview of the band’s upcoming third studio album, ‘The Last Thing Left’, which is slated to release on May 13 via Damnably. The album will consist of 10 tracks per Apple music including the title track along with ‘George & Janice’, which first debuted in 2019.

Prior to ‘Around You’, Say Sue Me most recently ‘My Heart’ for Korean TV series YUMI’s Cells in October and ‘So Tender’ for popular K-drama Nevertheless in August.

Say Sue Me have released two studio albums to date: 2014’s ‘We’ve Sobered Up’, which was later remastered in 2018, and 2018’s ‘When We Were Together’.

Say Sue Me album cover
The cover for Say Sue Me’s ‘The Last Thing Left’. Credit: Damnable

The tracklist for Say Sue Me’s ‘The Last Thing Left’ is:

  1. ‘The Memory Of The Time’
  2. ‘Still Here’
  3. ‘Around You’
  4. ‘We Look Alike’
  5. ‘No Real Place’
  6. ‘To Dream’
  7. ‘Photo Of You’
  8. ‘The Last Thing Left’
  9. ‘Now I Say’
  10. ‘George & Janice’

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