Valve is asking for feedback to help improve Steam Deck verified titles

Written by on 27/03/2022

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Valve has added a new feature to the Steam Deck that allows players to provide feedback on games that are verified to work on the platform.

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In a post on Friday, March 25, Valve announced that a new opt-in feedback option would be arriving on the Steam Deck (via PCGamesN).

Players may be prompted with a question once they finish playing a game on their Steam Deck, asking if they would like to provide feedback. Valve intends to use the information to improve the quality of titles on the Steam Deck.

In the post, Valve said: “We’re able to collect objective data (crashes, etc.) to help us understand how well the technical side of our review process is working, but ultimately the Deck compatibility ratings are about the overall experience: the definition of “working well” is succeeding at enabling current and future Deck customers to find the experiences they want. We want to make sure we’re doing that, or identify the titles for which your experiences don’t match your expectations.”

Portal 2. Credit: Valve.

Once players have opted into the feedback, they will be asked questions about games they have played once they finish a session. An example was given for Portal 2, in which players would be asked if their experience matches with Valve’s testing, which found that the game is verified for the Steam Deck.

The data provided from these yes/no questions will be combined with other sources, such as crash reports and other data, to help Valve determine which games need improvement and what can be done to enhance the experience.

Valve also states that it has only been a month since the Steam Deck launched and that it is “just getting started.”

In other news, Resident Evil‘s next-generation upgrades are not currently planned to be released as physical discs.

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