Is the new Harry Styles album called You Are Home?

Written by on 23/03/2022

Attention Harry Styles fans! It may have been literally years since we were last blessed with new music, but now it seems as though HS3 isn’t too far away. After a suspicious stan on Twitter, @stylesfeature, stumbled across what they claim were a bunch of hidden details about the singer’s highly-anticipated third album on a mysterious new website, Harry seems to have confirmed those rumours. Here’s what we know.

For weeks now, Harry has been teasing the fact that he’s working on something new via a bunch of mysterious TikTok videos under a burner account. While it hasn’t been confirmed the account belongs to him, one of the videos does feature his crucifix hand tattoo. Then, just last week, @stylesfeature uncovered what they claim to be more evidence — after unpacking the backend of a website believed to have been bought for the next album launch.

“After a lot of consideration, I am starting to believe that the [] site is actually harry” writes @stylesfeature, before explaining their conclusions in a thread. The website itself is fairly unassuming, currently only leading to a page with a beige-toned door, opening slightly to reveal a different scene behind it each day — from leaves to sunset gradients, spacey shots of the earth and drawings of different mushroom varieties. Interestingly, mushrooms were also central to the aesthetic of of Harry’s beauty brand Pleasing’s latest drop.

The door visual and site name also fit with the long-speculated narrative (also reported by DeuxMoi) that Harry’s next album will be themed around the idea of home. A music video he was spotted filming featured him lying in bed, while chaotic, ostensibly contextless posts on the aforementioned TikTok burner have featured a fruit bowl in a kitchen, a pink staircase and wholesome local runs. Last night, @TheHarryNews noticed that Harry had followed the You Are Home accounts on Instagram and Twitter. The plot thickens! Does this mean that You Are Home is definitely the album name?

Further supporting evidence has been uncovered by @stylesfeature, who found adverts for the You Are Home site popping up in newspapers across the world — leading many to speculate that someone (with Marvel coin) has been buying them up to promote something big. @stylesfeature even deep dived into the coding and registration of the website and found that it is owned by, who reportedly also own the site for the song “Golden”. Both had similar URLs as well as similar lines of code within the HTML. Another fan found that the site was set up on the same day as a date listed on a shoot memo fleetingly seen in a clip from Harry’s TikTok. Interesting! Finally, some fans think they might just have found the creative behind the artworks in the newspaper ads, who followed Harry rather recently.

So what does You Are Home mean? Is Harry going to be getting intimate on this new album and taking us into his personal space? Lyric-like tweets from the @youarehome account that tell followers, “in this world, it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was” and “the door is open, come on in” certainly suggest so.

Whatever it means, the the evidence compiled suggests that new music from our favourite pop king is imminent. The timing, at least, would certainly fit: Harry has just finished production on a host of movies — including upcoming films My Policeman and Don’t Worry Darling — and launched his beauty brand, so a new single from the Fine Line star may well drop just in time for his headline Coachella slot next month.

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