Philippine presidential candidate uses songs by TWICE and BLACKPINK to hype up rallies

Written by on 22/03/2022

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Philippine presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s rallies has gained attention online for her campaign team’s choice in music.

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The many presidential candidates in the Philippines have held rallies in recent weeks, leading up to the nation’s upcoming presidential election on May 9. The front-running candidates include Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, boxer Manny Pacquaio and current vice-president Leni Robredo.

In recent weeks, clips of some of Robredo’s rallies have gained attention online after massive crowds were spotted singing and dancing along to songs by K-pop girl groups TWICE and BLACKPINK when their music played at the rallies. Among these were a March 11 rally at Bacolod City, where TWICE’s 2021 English-language single ‘The Feels’ was played during soundcheck.

Rebredo later held another rally on March 20 in Pasig, where the crowd went wild after the girl group’s ‘Kill This Love’ began playing during the event. Much to the delight of many attendees, TWICE’s ‘Fancy’ also played at the same rally later that day. The crowd can be seen singing and jumping along to the girl group’s 2019 hit in a clip posted by one user on Twitter.

Fans have both groups have taken to social media to express their excitement over their favourite idols’ songs not only being played, but well-received at a major political event, proving their popularity as two of the top girl groups in the world.

In other K-pop news,  KCON has announced the Seoul lineup for its first in-person festival in two years, ‘KCON 2022 Premiere’. The two-day concert, which will take place at the CJ ENM Centre in May, is set to feature groups like MONSTA X, STAYC, NMIXX and more.

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