Mary Sue shares new medley video, ‘Scenes And Sounds From The Kisses Of Life’

Written by on 18/03/2022

Mary Sue shares new video

Singaporean rapper Mary Sue has shared a medley video titled ‘Scenes And Sounds From The Kisses Of Life’.

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The video – which premiered on the rapper’s YouTube channel on Friday (March 18) – is a short clip that contains snippets of four songs: ‘Cavalry’, ‘Popo and Gonggong/Alone’, ‘Marge/Bones’ and ‘Rebirth’.

Directed by Loh Shen Bo and cinematography from Sebastian Marson, ‘Scenes And Sounds From The Kisses Of Life’ features three scenes. The first sees a butcher at work, the second features a cleaner being distracted by a bright light, and the third sees a kitchen worker taking a smoke break. The video closes with glitchy imagery that eventually become the cover art for Mary Sue’s album.

Watch the video for ‘Scenes And Sounds From The Kisses Of Life’ below.

All four songs from the medley feature on the Singaporean rapper’s debut album, ‘Kisses Of Life’. Released on February 11, the 22-track project is dedicated to his late grandfather, whose declining health and eventual death is documented throughout the course of the album.

‘Kisses Of Life’ is a deeply personal and honest debut effort, with the rapper tapping into his own mental health and his relationships with the people around him, telling NME in an interview: “It was a catharsis thing. You’re just getting your feelings out”.

Mary Sue has a handful of features planned for the future, although further details remain unknown at this time. He also told NME that he’ll be laying low for a bit: “If I make music, I want it to be something special. Something that sounds different, too. So I’ll take time to find that.”

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