MAMAMOO’s Solar says she wrote ‘Big Booty’ because she was “eager” to have one

Written by on 18/03/2022

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MAMAMOO’s Solar has revealed why she wrote her new song ‘Big Booty’, a cut from her recently released solo mini-album ‘FACE’.

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The K-pop idol recently guest-starred on Episode 89 of Korean-American rapper Jessi‘s talk show Showterview, to celebrate and promote the release of her first-ever solo mini-album ‘FACE’, which dropped earlier this week.

During a Q&A section, Jessi asked Solar to pick her personal favourite out of all four B-side cuts on her new project, to which she responded with the track ‘Big Booty’. Jessi then started to tease the MAMAMMOO member by asking if she had a “[big booty] by chance”, however Solar clarified that this wasn’t the case.

“It’s the very first song I wrote,” Solar shared. “I wrote it two years ago. Back then, I was so eager [to have a] big booty because mine is so small.” She added that she “kept thinking” about how much she wanted a “big booty”, until it spurred her to begin writing her thoughts as lyrics.

“It’s a very jazzy song,” she explained, before singing a portion of it. Jessi expressed her surprised at the mellow sound of the song, saying she assumed that it would have a hip-hop flair. “It’s so cute. This song has a twist,” Solar clarified.

The recent release of ‘FACE’ marks Solar’s first comeback since she made her solo debut in April 2020 with the single ‘Spit It Out’. She is also the third member of MAMAMOO to have made a solo comeback this year, following Wheein with ‘Whee’ and Moonbyul with ‘6equence’, both of which dropped in January.

Yesterday, Solar revealed that a MAMAMOO comeback is currently not in the works, although hopes that they can release new music together this year. “It’s something that we’re continuing to work hard towards, but maybe not right now,” she said. “I will very, very carefully say maybe this year, but, again, it’s not definite!”

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