Interview with Pachinko & Emilio Dümar

Written by on 15/03/2022

Q1: Dear Pachinko and Emilio, welcome to Music Press Asia! First and foremost, congratulations on releasing your latest single ‘Sweet Release’. How did you both feel about the release and what were you hoping to express in this song?

Pachinko (PCK): Hey Music Press Asia! Thank you so much. This song was made in 2020 so it’s been nice to finally get it off our chests and out to the world.

Q2: Pachinko, why did you choose to express through the R&B genre? Where do your inspirations come from, culturally, being Vietnamese and Australian?

PCK: It’s what I’ve always been drawn to. My mum was always having Paris by Night* on when I was growing up. The first time I ever listened to non-Vietnamese music was in Grade 3. My friend had brought his mum’s iPod to school and I remember being so fascinated with it. He played me Chris Brown and I was hooked ever since. I’ve always been drawn to strong emotions expressed through soulful singing and catchy melodies – such as that in Pop and R&B. I lean more towards the R&B side of things because I personally find it to have more character and more honest story-telling.

Q3: Emilio, could you share with us your musical journey to date, where you’re from and your creative background.

Emilio: My journey with music has been pretty sporadic, I started producing beats as a teen then swapped to DJing at house parties because my beats sucked. DJing left me really uninspired with music, so in 2019 I moved to Melbourne where I learned music production & guitar. This naturally led to me wanting to record vocals. Creatively I’ve always been swapping between mediums like music, photography & occasionally art. Now I’m putting more focus on music again, it feels good. In 2020 I started Emilio Dümar as a project to which Pachinko & I collaborated on a bunch of music, much of which is yet to come out. So stay tuned!

Q4: How did you end up collaborating together for this song?

PCK: There’s a bit of a funny story behind this one. My friend Stephan Abraham was having fun creating beats, having been a drummer previously, and had sent me one. I was instantly hooked and laid down a melody for the song. I ended up finalising lyrics to the song months later, however by then Stephan had lost the files for the beat due to a computer update. I had to send Emilio my recorded demo to remake the beat, with nothing but a salvaged sample of the guitar melody. He ended up doing an amazing job and I figured that his voice would also sound perfect on it so I asked him to try lay down a feature verse. And that’s how Sweet Release was finally finished months later.

Vietnamese-Australian and Brisbane-based alternative R&B artist Pachinko has returned with his latest track, Sweet Release. Featuring vocals and co-production from collaborator Emilio Dümar and additional production from Stephan Abraham, Sweet Release is a song inspired by the dream to escape a monotonous 9-5 lifestyle.” Read more…

Q5: What is it like being an artist at a time when live music is no longer a viable source of expression in a pandemic world we’re facing today? (What other challenges do you face and your perspective with regards to this matter?)

PCK: Honestly I’m a little relieved. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching live shows and would definitely love to do it one day. I started releasing music in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. All recorded in my bedroom. Music has always been an intimate experience where I really keep to my own little world. It’s going to be difficult coming out of my comfort zone and shell a little more. But for now, I’m enjoying this intimate space that I’ve created.

Q6: What are you working on lately and how do you think 2022 is going to look like in your professional career in the music scene?

PCK: I’ve been working on my own back catalogue of songs. In 2020 I had a huge creative burst and am still finalising a lot of the songs that were conceptualised during that time. As soon as I’ve finished a lot of back catalogue, I think 2022 will be me showing a side of music where I experiment more and take more creative risks.

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* Paris by Night is a decades-old Vietnamese variety show. Originally filmed in France beginning of the 60s and 70s, its popularity extended production filming in the United States, Canada and South Korea. In 2015, the show announced that it will be going digital; a modern transition into the 21-st century from VHS and DVDs. Read more…

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