P1Harmony release English version of ‘Do It Like This’

Written by on 11/03/2022

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P1Harmony have dropped an English-language version of their latest single ‘Do It Like This’.

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The K-pop boyband had unveiled the new version of ‘Do It Like This’ yesterday (March 10), alongside its music video, which is nearly identical to the original music video for the Korean version.

“Come on, wake up, follow my lead, do it like this / Don’t you try to back up and just do it like this / We gon’ dream it louder together do it like this, like this,” member Intak raps on the chorus.

The release of the English version of ‘Do It Like This’ coincided with the first stop of P1Harmony’s North American tour, ‘P1ustage H: Peace’, which took place in New York City. The boyband are set to perform in other major U.S cities throughout the month of March, before concluding their tour with two shows in Los Angeles.

The orginal verison of ‘Do It Like This’ first appeared as the title track of the boy group’s third mini-album, ‘Disharmony: Find Out’. That record was the final instalment of P1Harmony’s ‘Disharmony’ series of albums, and was the follow-up to ‘Disharmony: Break Out’ which was released in April last year and their debut album ‘Disharmony: Stand Out’.

In 2021, during an interview with NME, P1Harmony shared their goals of taking baby steps towards producing their own music, which includes an album that features writing and producing credits from all the members.

“I feel like, one day, our goal is really just making an album that we produced all by ourselves, wrote all by ourselves, thought of all by ourselves,” member Keeho explained. “We’re just taking baby steps to get closer to that goal.”

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