Ekla Cholo Sets Visionary Antecedent for Bangladesh’s Indigenous Music

Written by on 11/03/2022

The release of the song ‘Ekla Cholo’, in many ways, is a significant milestone for the Coke Studio brand. After a successful version showcasing some of the greatest artists from Pakistan, its latest Bangla edition is again setting new precedents to how music makers in its region are being featured, admired, and distributed to the world in this era.

Ekla Cholo, no matter how dilettante you are to the world of music or even the Bangla culture, seemed to have the power that drives prominence from within. Its rich melody reverberates a sense of calm mysticism, at the same time, expresses assuringly a path to garner unity. This sense of togetherness is something we may increasingly underappreciate and take for granted.

As the chorus gathers fortitude, its interpretation is neither indignant nor somber, but in fact, fully faithful to a course worthwhile following. High in hope, Ekla Cholo chirps an effervescent tone of heroism no matter what the future holds. A time to also remain true to oneself and put into action what we all believe towards love for great music.

Song name: Ekla Cholo, The Journey Begins
Produced by Coke Studio Bangla
Music Produced by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob
Mixed & Mastered by Faizan Rashid Ahmad (Buno)

The theme launch is a collaboration of renowned artists from Bangladesh featuring Arnob, Momtaz, Kona, Mizan, Bappa Mazumdar, Samina Chowdhury, Masha Islam, Animesh Roy, Sunidhi Nayak, Pantho Kanai, Boga Taleb, Rubayat Rehman, Adit, Ritu Raj, and many more.

Click here to watch Ekla Cholo’s music video.

Related news: Coca-Cola to collaborate with Tahsan, Arnob for upcoming projects

In a press release dated January 2022, Coca-Cola Bangladesh has announced signing of prominent singers and music composers Tahsan Rahman Khan and Shayan Chowdhury Arnob as brand ambassador of Coke and music producer respectively.

Tahsan Rahman Khan, a new brand ambassador of Coca-Cola said: “Coca-Cola has always been a part of my life. It made sense to get on board and be a part of this company as the brand ambassador. I am very excited with the type of work we will be doing in the upcoming months. Hopefully everyone will enjoy our work.”

Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, music producer said: “As a musician, it is a wonderful feeling to be a part of something as unique as Coca-Cola’s upcoming music projects. Coca-Cola has decided to initiate its footprints and involvement in Bangladesh music with a great project in hand. To be the music producer on this great project brings me great joy and I cannot wait to share some of the work we have in store for all our audiences.”

Ta Duy Tung, managing director of Coca-Cola Bangladesh said: “To be able to sign two of the most prominent musicians of Bangladesh is a matter of pride for our company. These two individuals perfectly embody the spirit of Coca-Cola and we have no doubt the partnership will be a huge success.”

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