Yura Yunita invites women to embrace their flaws in ‘Tutur Batin’ music video

Written by on 08/03/2022

Yura Yunita in 'Tutur Batin'

Indonesian singer-songwriter Yura Yunita has released the music video for ‘Tutur Batin’, the third single and title track from her latest album.

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Released on March 7 on major streaming platforms in conjunction with International Women’s Day, the music video follows three women going through their individual struggles and challenges.

Rianna struggles with self-confidence issues due to constantly being compared with her relatives; Tata grapples with her body image and the feeling her partner does not accept her as she is, and Muti struggles with domestic violence but gathers her resolve to protect her daughter.

Watch the heartfelt video for ‘Tutur Batin’, or ‘Inner Speech’, below.

As Yunita notes, three narratives are only a snapshot of the struggles women all over the world face. Alongside director Gianni Fajri, the singer interviewed women to gain an understanding of the struggles they faced and their inner state. “We approached them to talk first, we dug into each other’s stories, their past, and their very personal life stories,” Yunita said in a press statement.

“This way they can be more excited about their own stories, deep in themselves, and steeped in their own inner speech.”

The process of making the music also helped Yunita process her own trauma, she says. “It turned out that the process of accepting myself became lighter as I celebrated my imperfections. From there I learned, matter what you seek, even if you go to the ends of the earth to search for it, if your heart remains empty, it means that what you are looking for is you. Because your best soul is already within you.”

‘Tutur Batin’, Yunita’s third full length album, was released on October 22 last year, and includes previously released singles ‘Duhai Sayang’, ‘Tenang’ and ‘Mulai Langkahmu’. The album grapples with themes of experiencing the five stages of grief and healing from wounds, according to the singer.

In July 2021, Yura Yunita collaborated with iconic Indonesian rock act Dewa 19 to re-record their hit songs ‘Risalah Hati’ and ‘Kangen’ with Yunita’s unique vocals.

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