Indonesian virtual band Timur release debut single ‘Distribusi Normal’

Written by on 08/03/2022


Indonesian record label Double Deer Music has unveiled the first single from its new virtual band Timur.

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Titled ‘Distribusi Normal’, the single – which was released on major streaming platforms on March 4 – reveals that the band have a surprising grunge direction with a tinge of indie melodic sensibilities. The Bahasa-Indonesia language track includes some slight electronic arrangement, but largely follows in line with previous releases from Double Deer Music artists such as Kimokal and Rayssa Dynta.

Listen to Timur’s ‘Distribusi Normal’ below.

The group is made of Olsen (guitar), Kim (bass), JD (drums) and Arta (vocals), and are represented using colourful avatars drawn in comic book fashion, akin to other virtual bands like Gorillaz and Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem.

The band began sharing a series of Instagram posts elaborating on the personalities of the band members starting from January 31, revealing bits of relatable information about the characters that make up Timur.

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Vocalist Arta is described as an introvert who’s constantly stuck in his own world. A loner who prefers to write and compose on his own in the safety of his studio, Arta is also described as an optimist who likes to write about social conditions and problems he observes through his lyrics.

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Meanwhile, drummer JD is characterised as a sports fanatic who appreciates all forms of sport from football to Formula 1 racing. Collecting sports apparel from his favourite teams and athletes is also a big thing to the character of JD, whose musical tastes lean towards 90’s grunge music and electronica.

The group have yet to announce any further plans for future releases, instead choosing to focus their efforts on promoting the release of their debut single. Live performances have  not been announced as of yet either, nor what format the group will be performing in once they make their live debut.

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