Indonesia: NoizeKilla Released First Single Under New Identity

Written by on 08/03/2022

Bali-based NoizeKilla collaborates with Indonesian label Demajors, Dansa Dansa Management, and band JoyFullSound to release a romantic IndoBeatPop single.

NoizeKilla, the musical evolution of Bhismo “KunoKini” has recently released his first single titled Shuckleford Song on Valentine’s Day last month. Created especially for his wife whose family name is Shuckleford.

Recorded in the English language, the song tells the story of Bhismo’s romantic journey from meeting her for the first time to finally tying the knot with her. Although they come from massive differences in religion, ethnicity and race, this song wraps up an inspiring masterpiece dedicated to love.

Song excerpts [Chorus]: You are ma sunshine, that’s shining through my day/You are ma fierce cold, golden night/You give me the most (most, most)/Unconditional love/And I just wanna spend the rest of my lifetime with you now

The song, or rather the tones, is tuned to a frequency commonly referred to as natural tuning, pure tuning or sound healing. It is played on the 432hz frequency (A=432hz) and not the international standard A=440hz – chosen specifically to subconsciously connect to the vibrations of the human brain, the sound of the Earth’s Ohms, the Fibonacci sequence Golden ratio, 3-6-9 Tesla Numerological Symbolism (Code).

“I didn’t want to play it safe in an existing box, I wanted it to be more unique but easy to digest and provide a different experience for music listeners,” NoizeKilla said.

The song is recorded with JoyFullSound, a sophisticated band consisting of guitarist Jordan Vegas (Venezuela), keyboardist Dominggus Kia Beda (Flores, Indonesia), drummer Micah Johnston (Canada), and bassist Hendro Tri Septiando (Sumatra, Indonesia).

Shuckleford Song was released through Indonesian record label demajors (@demajors_jakarta) in collaboration with DansaDansa management on February 14, 2022. It is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, Resso, YouTube Music and Deezer.

Click here to watch Shuckleford Song music video.

NoizeKilla is based in Bali and is at the moment in production and recording of its full album titled Nusantara Manuva – scheduled for release this year.

New Music Identity

Under the auspices of DansaDansa’s management (@dansadansa.bali), NoizeKilla is a new musical identity resulting from the exploration of various musical colors that have been outside of the traditional music that was put together with the band KunoKini. NoizeKilla describes his music as IndoBeatPop, an offering of Nusantara sound to the global market.

NoizeKilla’s name is inspired by the magical sound of Saluang blowing, a traditional musical instrument native to Minangkabau, West Sumatra. This name is a combination of two words, Noize (sound) and Killa (kill/in this case silence), which is interpreted as the ability to eliminate noise by bringing peace.

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