Jeon Somi accidentally spoils what appears to be a new BLACKPINK song

Written by on 03/03/2022

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Jeon Somi has accidentally leaked what appears to be an unreleased BLACKPINK track, during a recent Instagram Live session.

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The Canadian-Dutch-Korean K-pop idol hosted an Instagram Live session yesterday (March 2) while she was at the YG Entertainment headquarters. During the broadcast, the singer was walking around the building looking for an empty studio to continue her livestream.

However, Somi then accidentally wandered into an occupied studio that had been playing an unreleased song via the speakers. The singer quickly shut the door after a brief snippet of the track, with a female voice singing, was heard.

Right after the incident, Somi went back to tell the producer, later identified as R.Tee, that she had been filming the entire time. “Yo, I’m in the middle of a live,” she told him, who expressed disbelief off-camera. “[I’m] going to be in serious trouble.”

Later on during the broadcast, Somi addressed the situation and said that she hoped viewers “didn’t hear anything, because I tried my best to close that door”. She added: “I’m very hot right now, ’cause I was very surprised. My heart dropped that second, so I was like, ‘Oh my god’.”

Shortly after the incident, fans began speculating that the vocals from the snippet may belong to BLACKPINK’s Jennie, potentially signalling an impending, long-awaited comeback from the girl group.

However, there have so far been no official announcements of new music from BLACKPINK nor YG Entertainment as of writing. Moreover, archived clips of Somi’s Instagram Live featuring the snippet have also been taken down by the entertainment company.

Jeon Somi, who is managed by YG Entertainment subsidiary The Black Label, most recently released her first-ever studio album ‘XOXO’ in October 2021. The record came two months after the release of her single ‘Dumb Dumb’, which dropped in August that year.

Meanwhile, HYBE and YG Entertainment are set to launch a BLACKPINK-themed Korean language learning packet later this year, titled ‘BLACKPINK In Your Korean’, in hopes to familiarise fans with the Korean language through words and phrases that the K-pop quartet frequently use.

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