‘Inspector Koo’ actress Lee Young-ae donates ₩100million to Ukraine

Written by on 01/03/2022

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South Korean actress Lee Young-ae has made a ₩100million (about £62,000) donation to Ukraine, following the country’s invasion by Russia last week.

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On Tuesday (March 1), the Ukrainian ambassador to South Korea, Dmytro Ponomarenko took to Twitter to reveal that the 51-year-old star of the Netflix series Inspector Koo had donated and sent a letter in support of Ukraine.

“We are very excited and touched by the letter and the great financial contribution of the famous Korean actress Lee Young-Ae in support of Ukraine and the demand to end the war as soon as possible,” wrote Ponomarenko, who attached images of a cheque and letter.

“As a family of veterans who have experienced war, I sympathise with the horrors of the current situation more than anyone else,” wrote Lee in the attached letter, as translated by Korea JoongAng Daily. “I dearly hope the war in Ukraine comes to an end soon and pray for everyone’s well-being and safety.

“To all the Ukrainian citizens who are calling for freedom and peace, I hope you do not lose your courage and hope,” she added. “As a citizen of Korea who is also for peace and freedom, I would like to convey my heart through this small gift. May God always be with you.”

Lee is best known for her role as Seo Jang-geum in the 2003 Korean historical drama Jewel In The Palace, titled Dae Jang-geum in Korean (translates to “The Great Jang-Geum”) as its titular character, as well as the revenge thriller film Lady Vengeance (2005).

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