Mocca share reworked version of 2006 track ‘Happy’ with Naif’s David Bayu

Written by on 31/01/2022

Listen to Mocca's sugary single 'Farewell and Goodnight'

Indonesian indie pop outfit Mocca have released a new version of their 2006 track ‘Happy’, recorded with former Naif frontman David Bayu.

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The track arrived on streaming platforms on Friday (January 28). The new version of ‘Happy’ sees the band re-record their 2006 with vocalist Arina Ephipania and Naif’s David Bayu taking turns to sing the track’s verses before duetting on its catchy chorus.

Listen to the ‘Happy’ featuring David Bayu below.

The ‘Happy’ rework first appeared on Mocca’s three-track EP ‘Funfair’, released in November last year. While the EP’s lead single ‘Happy Birthday!’ was released on streaming platforms, its two remaining songs were only available upon release via digital purchase.

The EP’s third track, ‘Easy like 1, 2, 3’ has yet to be available on streaming.

Per a HAI report, the collaborative rework between Mocca and David Bayu has been a long time coming. Mocca have been campaigning for a collaboration with the former Naif vocalist, only for it to come to fruition in 2021 via private exchanges on social media.

It was reported that Ephipania and Bayu weren’t able to record their parts together due to the former quarantining for COVID-19 at the time. However, the rest of Mocca were present to record with Bayu.

Prior to ‘Funfair’, which was released to celebrate Mocca’s 22nd anniversary, the band worked with singer-songwriter Vira Talisa on the split single ‘Secret Admirer Walking Back Home’. The project saw Mocca release a soothing cover of Talisa’s 2016 single ‘Walking Back Home’, while Talisa delivered a rendition of their song ‘Secret Admirer’ in French.

Naif, on the other hand, broke up in May following the departures of bassist Emil Hussein and drummer Pepeng. Following their disbanding, Emil and Pepeng revealed that the breakup was a decade in the making, as the band “got along fine, but we didn’t hang out”.

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