New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert is “cancer free”

Written by on 30/01/2022

New Found Glory Slam Dunk

New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert has announced he is “cancer free” after having “half a liver, a gallbladder and one adrenal gland” removed.

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In December, the New Found Glory vocalist took to social media to reveal he was “minutes from death” when his wife found him unconscious.

Following numerous tests, he was told he had a “very rare tumour called a Pheochromocytoma! It’s a tumour that grows on your adrenal gland and messes up all of your hormones. It was eating all my glucose, changing my hormones, and raising my blood pressure. I couldn’t survive without IVs until this tumour was removed,” wrote Gilbert.

By the time it was caught, the tumour had spread to his Liver and he needed “intense, large, and dangerous” surgery to remove the tumour.

Yesterday (January 28) Gilbert revealed that the surgery had been a success.

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“Half a liver, a gallbladder, & one adrenal gland later, I am officially cancer free,” he wrote alongside a series of images from his time in hospital alongside a photo of his surgery scars.

“All my tests and scans came back clear! I know there’s the chance of it coming back later but I feel so good knowing what was in me is gone and if it ever does come back, we will see it from it’s beginning. Let’s not even worry about that though. I’m so lucky to still be here and so blessed that I had a super team that fixed me.”

After thanking his wife, and the specialists that operated on him, Gilbert went on to thank his fans. “All you fans out there writing me the nicest messages when you all found out what happened. You already do enough as fans but that was awesome and kept me feeling loved. I am forever changed by this experience. 2022 is gonna be awesome.”

He finished by saying “(We) will be rocking in your faces soon enough.”

New Found Glory have already confirmed two shows for 2022. The pop-punk group will be performing alongside Alexisonfire at Furnace Fest in September as well as taking part in the Emo’s Not Dead cruise which sets sail in November. Dashboard Confessional and Underoath will also be performing.

Speaking about Furnace Fest, Gilbert said: “Will this be my first show back??? NO! So many more announcements to come.”

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