‘Single’s Inferno”s Song Ji-a threatens to take legal action against malicious rumours

Written by on 20/01/2022

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Single’s Inferno breakout star Song Ji-a has threatened to take legal action against malicious rumours that have recently surfaced.

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Song has been embroiled in controversy after it had been revealed earlier this week that she had been sporting fake designer goods during her appearance on the show, for which she has since issued an apology for.

However, Song has continued to bear the brunt of further malicious rumours and allegations, which some claiming that the YouTuber receives payouts from wealthy foreigners and that her agency had provided her with an expensive apartment to uphold a luxurious image for the entertainment personality, among others.

In a statement released via Seoul Shin Moon on January 20, Song’s agency Hyowon CNC denied such allegations and has threatened to take legal action against malicious commenters.

“After Song Ji-a’s apology, healthy criticism has been humbly accepted and used as opportunities for self-reflection, but malicious rumours have begun surfacing one after another in addition to her previous controversy over wearing fakes,” wrote Hyowon CNC CEO Kim Hyo-jin.

Regarding allegations against the company for providing Song with an luxury apartment, Kim clarified that “Hyowon CNC is a startup company that I and actress Kim Ye-won started with a small capital”.

It is a company that worked hard and has never received any investment,” Kim added, while claiming that Song’s home is a rented apartment and saying that they have “never paid even a penny for any house”.

Song’s representatives have also announced plans to take legal action against damaging “baseless” claims and rumours. “If there are cases of personal damage or defamation due to these malicious postings with baseless rumours and false facts, we will be taking active legal action,” wrote Kim.

Since its premiere on the streaming service in December, Single’s Inferno has since emerged as one of the most-watched show on Netflix globally, marking the first time a Korean reality series has entered the platform’s global Top 10 chart.

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