BTS tease soundtrack for new webtoon ‘7Fates: CHAKHO’

Written by on 17/01/2022

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BTS have announced an upcoming soundtrack for 7Fates: CHAKHO, a new original webtoon based on the boyband.

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Earlier this month, HYBE shared that the boyband would be releasing a new song for the webtoon. The as-yet-unnamed track will be produced by rapper Suga and will be sung by vocalist Jungkook.

In a new announcement by Naver webtoon, the song will also see a special limited edition physical CD release for readers of the webcomic. Subscribers to 7Fates: CHAKHO on the Webtoon app who have turned on notifications for new episodes, and purchased early access to its first three episodes will be eligible to win one of 300 CDs.

while others will stand a chance to receive official merchandise and free cookies (Webtoon currency). The event will run from January 15 to February 5.

As time of writing, it is currently unclear if the 7Fates: CHAKHO soundtrack will feature any other song or if the phsyical edition of the disc will be available outside of the Naver giveaway. More details are expected in the coming months.

The first episode of 7Fates: CHAKHO was released for free on the Webtoon app on January 15, with early access to its second episode available for purchase. It will be updated every Saturday.

7Fates: CHAKHO is set in the near-future with fantasy elements drawn from the tiger hunters, or chakhogapsa, of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. Together, the main characters, based on the members of BTS, whose fates are destined to intertwine face trials and tribulations as they attempt to track down the elusive tiger.

7 Fates: CHAKHO is part of a previously announced agreement between HYBE and Naver Webtoon to produce original stories starring artists under the entertainment company. Stories inspired by ENHYPEN and TXT, titled ‘Dark Moon’ and ‘The Star Seekers’ respectively, have also since been released.

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