Yeule sings about feeling ‘Too Dead Inside’ in their latest single from ‘Glitch Princess’

Written by on 14/01/2022

Yeule releases behemoth four-hour track ‘4:44: The Things They Did For Me Out of Love’

Singapore-born UK singer-songwriter and producer Yeule, also known as Nat Ćmiel, has released the single ‘Too Dead Inside’ from their upcoming album ‘Glitch Princess’.

Produced by frequent collaborator and PC Music member Danny L Harle, the fourth single from ‘Glitch Princess’ sees Yeule musing about feeling a lack of motivation to care about things in their life in their delicate, feather-light voice as an ambient jungle beat pulses in the background.

“Then I realise that / It’s not so shallow / It’s not so hollow / I’m chasing / My own shadow,” they sing.

Listen to ‘Too Dead Inside’ below.

In a press release, Yeule described their approach to the song as “kind of like a soft-spoken confession”.

“I think I wanted to see if lyricism had potential to pull a shiny, new, up-beat aesthete into a darker realm,” they added. “Some days I find myself having little to no reaction to things that happen, good or bad. It’s as though I just close off from everything. I might as well be a ghost.”

“I’m watching everything from above, detached from reality. I watched someone die before, and they really wanted to live. A lot of the time, we like to say we’re dead inside. I think it’s the way we cope, because it’s just too familiar and too convenient to be absent.”

‘Glitch Princess, Yeule’s sophomore album, was first announced in January 2021 with the single ‘My Name Is Nat Ćmiel’. The album is slated for release on February 4 via Bayonet Records.

Aside from ‘My Name is Nat Ćmiel’, Yeule has also released singles from ‘Glitch Princess’ in ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Your Beauty’ and ‘Friendly Machine’.

Yeule recently told MusicTech in an interview that they wrote the album during the pandemic, describing how lockdowns and the subsequent isolation inspired their music.

“I was isolated a lot. I was going back to my hikikomori ways,” they said. “My anxiety got so bad that I couldn’t leave, and I was just locked in, again… I need to figure out why it’s become so crystallised in my identity to be very isolated, or to prefer isolation.”

Last July, Yeule released ‘Serotonin X’, a compilation project that featured five remixes of songs from their 2019 debut album ‘Serotonin II’. The next month, they released ‘‘Nuclear War Post X’, a covers record that saw the musician cover tracks from the likes of Frank Ocean, Grimes and more.

In September, Yeule and Harle collaborated on a five-hour-long ambient/industrial track titled ‘4.44: The Things They Did For Me Out of Love’.

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